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Seasonal Newsletter: Fall 2018

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Fall: The Change of Seasons
Can you feel it? The seasons are changing—cooler nights, shorter days, the transformation from summer to fall.

Like stars of red and gold, the autumn leaves grace the trees in a final blaze of glory before gradually falling to the ground. On brisk afternoons, I rake them up and place them in the compost pile, where in a few months they’ll be transformed into dark, nutrient-rich compost to nourish my garden. 

The changing seasons call us to transform our lives as well. As deciduous trees shed their leaves, this season is a good time to shed any limiting habits, thoughts, and behaviors we’d like to leave behind. 
Is there something in your life you’d like to release:
  • A old habit you’d like to break
  • A negative experience that keeps nagging at you
  • Something you did that you regret

This season, try performing this personal composting ritual:
  • Take out an index card and write down: “I compost ________ (name the negative habit, thought, or memory). Put today’s date on the card.
  • Each day for a month, look at the card and say to yourself, “I compost _________ (stating what you’ve chosen to compost).
  • Breaking old habits takes time. Whenever you find yourself falling back into that old pattern, stop and tell yourself, “I’ve composted that.”
  • At the end of the month, tear up the card and bury the pieces in the ground, adding your own compost to the soil.

In composting, the past is transformed, circling back to transform the present and enrich the future in life’s natural cycles of growth and renewal.
Autumn is also time to plant spring bulbs—tulips, crocuses, daffodils, muscari, and freesia, tucking the brown bulbs into the ground to sleep through the winter, then awaken and bloom next spring.

This month, as you compost the growth of seasons past, take a moment to ask yourself what new possibilities you’d like to plant. What small step can you take now to begin a new cycle of hope to blossom in the year ahead? 
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