Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake
The Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan Needs Your Support 
January 15, 2016

As mentioned in our January 6th eBlast the Garrett County Commissioners announced a public hearing regarding the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan (WMP) on January 28th at 6 PM at the Continuing Education Building of Garrett College.  The Public Hearing Notice may be seen here.  The full WMP may be seen here.  Your POA Board of Directors believes that adoption of the WMP is a significant step toward assuring the health and welfare of the Deep Creek Watershed and DCL and is encouraging the turnout of as many folks as possible to support the plan being adopted by the Commissioners.  If you are able to attend please speak in favor of WMP adoption at the hearing.  If you cannot attend please send an email stating your support of WMP adoption to the County Commissioners.  Their email addresses may be found here.

Some Background Information:

The WMP is neither a law nor a regulation.  It is a guide to caring for the watershed which includes DCL.  Over time, I suspect using the right process, the plan may be amended due to changes in the watershed that drive changes in the plan.  For now, this is what we have and it is a foundational document on which the community and state agencies can build.  It was completed at the end of 2014 so beginning the work of implementing the plan is actually overdue.  The commissioners supported the concept of a WMP during their respective campaigns but felt some obligation to offer the plan for comment before adopting it.  This process also supports the matter of transparency and speaks to those who assert the process was not.  Bottom line:  It is time for the commissioners to adopt the plan so it can be implemented.


Bob Hoffmann
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