Rio Oil & Gas 2018 - A vibrant conference marked by the digital transformation
The largest meeting of Latin America for the oil and gas sector was considered a great success. Marked by the positive vibration of its exhibitors and lectures, the event was fully permeated by the spirit of innovation and technology, highlighting a wide technological revolution that is already underway.

Deep Seed Solutions was warmly received as a guest at the home of its client and partner Repsol Sinopec Brasil, in its stand at O&G Techweek, reinforcing the prolific partnership between the two companies.

According to the article at "O Globo Online", Repsol Sinopec has invested more than R$ 50 million in ​​Research and Development (R&D) in Brazil in the last three years. Five of its R&D projects were exhibited in its stand, such as the Oathkeeper Project, developed in partnership with Deep Seed Solutions and created advanced modules based on the expert system FLOCO, aimed at automatically generating and comparing different concepts of facilities for the development of offshore oil and gas fields.

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Deep Seed proposes an objective method for economic analysis of Subsea Processing Systems
On the second day of Rio Oil & Gas 2018, the CTO at Deep Seed Solutions, Celso Noronha, presented at the Conference the article "The Economics of Subsea Processing Systems: An Integrated Design Approach in a Brazilian Field". The article, authored jointly with Repsol Sinopec Brasil, brought to light the use of the expert system FLOCO® in the evaluation of the competitive advantages of subsea processing technologies.

The paper presented the results of a conceptual engineering analysis based on the extensive use of Subsea Processing Systems, through the application of the advanced module of FLOCO®, SPM – Subsea Processing Module, applied to offshore field development. The study incorporated a sensitivity analysis of Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Net Present Value (NPV), by applying conceptual archetypes combining boosting, separation, compression and subsea raw water injection.
Corporate Venture in Brazil - Oil & Gas 
On September 27th, the Apex-Brasil, Sebrae and other partners organized the event “Corporate Venture in Brazil - Oil & Gas", which aimed to connect foreign and Brazilian corporations to disseminate the best practices of corporate entrepreneurship, investments in entrepreneurial capital and industry trends. Leandro Basilio, COO of Deep Seed, was present at the event and had the opportunity to share his vision of technological trends for the oil and gas sector.

In the afternoon, the event took place at the Tech Arena of the O&G Techweek, with an important seminar that promoted the debate on the results achieved with the digital transformation, how the Oil Companies are structuring their investments in R&D and about the main challenges to be overcome regarding the digital transformation through the Startups.

During the seminar, 5 technology-based companies presented their Pitch, allowing the audience to understand what has been done so far regarding the digital transformation in the oil & gas and the necessary support to allow the companies to succeed in the international market.
The i-Concept JIP
The connections made at the Rio Oil & Gas were prolific for the development of the i-Concept JIP. Focused on mapping key processes applied to the conceptual engineering design of offshore production fields, the i-Concept JIP aims to develop advanced methods, processes and computational tools with the primary objective of increasing performance of conceptual engineering. 

“Because of the O&G Techweek, we managed to discuss the i-Concept JIP, in a very efficient way, with strategic partners and hope we can accelerate this project that may add an important contribution to the conceptual engineering activities of offshore field developments.”, says Leandro Basilio, COO at Deep Seed Solutions.
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