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The past few months have been intense for Deep Seed Solutions, with the achievement of several strategical objectives in the midst of the pandemic scenario that surprised all of us, putting our whole team working full time to attend the needs of our customers and move forward collaborating with the digital transformation in the Oil and Gas Industry.
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i-Concept JIP Phase 1
Starting the news about Deep Seed Solutions, we could not forget to mention the first strategic milestone of the company. Back in March, the company released a public communication about the signature of a contract for a Joint Industry Research and Technology Development Project with  Repsol Sinopec Brasil  and  Shell . The "i-Concept JIP" aims to conduct applied research on novel integrated complex system conceptual engineering and advanced digital solutions to increase efficiency of optimum design of offshore production systems.
The project builds on the partner’s extensive technical expertise and previous developments in conceptual engineering methodologies. It encompasses the development of customized modules, addressing the state-of-the-art on topside facilities, brownfield engineering and enhanced subsea facilities design, based on the technology FLOCO®.
According to the press release, the JIP steering committee has the ambitious goal of cooperating in the creation of a new industry Model Based Systems Engineering approach related to integrated conceptual engineering design of offshore systems, establishing an effective base of communication between the companies within the supply chain in the oil and gas industry.
Oil Price Down & Coronavirus Pandemic: A Strategic Thinking!
Just a few days later, with all the volatility in the oil price, intensified by the pandemic, Deep Seed Solutions, through its COO Leandro Basilio, shared a strategic thought about the ways the industry could deal with the raising uncertainties.

At that moment, the purpose of the article was to encourage some discussions about possible scenarios for the oil and gas industry, in a qualitative way, during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Check it out below and find all the information about it!
Growing up despite all adversities
As an envisioning company, we believed our own predictions and despite all the adversities, we decided to continue investing in organic growth, receiving onboard five professionals. From the Engineering to Sales & Marketing team!

That means we keep strong and focused on our strategic vision, witch is accelerating the digital transformation in the Oil and Gas industry, being part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and most important, making people’s life easier!
Oil and Gas News!
COVID-19 stabilization could push Brent oil prices to $50/b: Abu Dhabi bank
Dubai — Brent crude prices could rise towards $50/b by the start of 2021, if the COVID-19 pandemic is contained, though the path may be choppy, said Monica Malik, chief economist at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.

"At the moment it is trading in a relatively tight band of between $40 and $45/b, and in the near-term, that's the range we expect it to see it remaining in," said Malik, on a July 16 webcast for the International Monetary Fund's MENA Economic Outlook. "In a case of global environment where you see COVID-19 controlled and global demand continuing to pick up, we expect oil by the end of this year and into next year moving towards the $50/b range."
Covid-19: The new normal in Oil & Gas raises the need for AI
New Delhi: With a global health crisis, geopolitical issues leading to surplus production, and some key industry developments, the oil and gas industry is staring at a  new normal  of lower demand and subsequently lower crude prices.

While the demand is expected to increase as the world shakes out of the pandemic and OPEC+ normalizes its relation and production quotas, industry players have to be agile and nimble to survive in the new reality. They must focus on transforming their value chain and operations, reducing their cost of production, processing, and transportation. AI technologies can play a key part in the transformation of the value chain of the oil and gas industry.
Why COVID-19 Won’t Completely Crush Brazil’s Oil Boom
Before the outbreak of COVID-19 and the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, an  oil boom  of monumental proportions was underway in Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy. Economists and industry analysts as far back as 2018 were speculating that it would be the largest in Latin America’s history. There were even signs that Brazil’s burgeoning oil production could challenge OPEC’s  waning supremacy .

 A unique combination of Brazil’s vast petroleum reserves totaling almost 13 billion barrels, comprised of sought-after light sweet crude, and impressively low breakeven costs made it inevitable. In 2019, for the first time ever, Latin America’s largest oil producer pumped just over one billion  barrels of oil . That, coupled with the latest oil discoveries in Brazil’s vast pre-salt offshore fields, spurred hopes of a renewed oil led economic boom.
Who will lead the process
of digital transformation in today's companies?
The world has changed a lot in the past three months. It's pointless to deny. Alternatively, it is not pointless to embrace these changes and adapt your business.

Recently, I noted that many business owners who are not connected with IT infrasturcutre have questions and frustrations regarding the mission of digital transformation. They wonder why it's so necessary for every company, who should be responsible for it and how they can change their business processes to meet the needs of today's customers.
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