Hurray! It's Spring!
Oh wait, I have allergies...
What does Spring look like? Happy daffodils wave at you in the breeze, flowering tulip trees shake their tresses as you walk by, and— Ah, aah, choo !
(Pardon me)...Did that lovely breeze have a yellow tint to it?

Ever imagine that 2019 could be the year where your hay fever is in the past? We do! We have specialized juices, smoothies , and shelves of natural solutions available, so your spring will not be held hostage by hay fever. And did we mention that many allergy products are on sale this month? That includes Terry Naturally curcumin products—yep, they help with seasonal allergies, too—check out our new blog post to learn more.

Celebrate National Women's Month:
And, by the way, those spring flowers aren't just for admiring: bring a bouquet to a special lady in your life! Let's celebrate and thank the women who have supported us in our lives and lift us up every day.
~Sneezing? Runny Nose?
You're not alone.

Over 24 million Americans suffer from hay fever and seasonal allergies. If you are one of them, read this .

March is Allergy-Awareness Month, so our blog covers a lot of great natural remedies, practices and products that could be your ticket to easy breathing.
So many great sales this month!
Organic herbal teas, Terry Naturally Curcumin , +CBD Oils, and more!
~A Quick Note: +CBD Oils are while supplies last!~

Looking for other Independent Natural Retailer Association deals for February?

INFRA grocery sales start March 7

Saturday Mar 9, 11:00AM–2:00PM
Meet the Local Vendor! Last month, we introduced Set Bar , an organic nutritional bars co-created/co-owned by a young entrepreneur named Cru Mahoney! Cru will be here sharing his product and his company's mission!

Saturday Mar 16, 11:00AM–1:00PM:
Fly Your St Patrick's Day Colors in Sparkle Green! ~Hair Shimmers with Eliza~
Please call Eliza to book your spot: 919-633-1855. $20/person

Saturday Mar 16, 10:00AM–2:00PM:
Free Vendor Samples! Our Wild Planet Vendor will be here, so come with your questions about wild and sustainable fishing practices and how to create some stellar hors d'oeuvre plates!

Saturday Mar 30, 11:00AM–2:00PM
Find out if your St Patrick's Day Luck will continue~ Sign up with Beth for your Astrological Reading!
$35/30-min reading. $5 off with advanced booking. Call 919-602-6507 to reserve your slot!

Saturday Mar 30, 11:00AM–2:00PM
New Local Vendor! Come meet Bradford Gibson of Lyrix Elixirs and taste his new line of wellness teas and kombuchas!

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