Co-sponsored with Longmont Senior Center,
910 Longs Peak Avenue, Longmont, CO 80501

Friday (6:30 pm) to Sunday (3:00 pm), October 4 - 6, 2019

"Often, when we're young, people ask: 'What do you want to 'do' when you grow up?'
I don't know of anyone who's asked or been asked: 'How do you want to 'be' as you
grow old?' ...This retreat asks that question and invites you to consciously explore its
nuanced answers. It provides the perspective and tools to support your
... becoming  the answer."                   - Rees Robinson (CSL), as a 2015 DSW participant
Sage-ing affirms the importance of aging as a time for deep reflection, continued learning and spiritual growth. Using the power of circle and support of community, we will explore the principles and practices described in Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi's best-selling book, " From Age-ing to Sage-i n g":

  • Aging consciously by facing our fears of aging
  • Uncovering the wisdom of our life experiences
  • Healing wounds
  • Forgiving ourselves and others
  • Charting a path forward that involves passing on a legacy
  • Serving as an elder committed to healing the planet
  • Facing mortality with dignity and grace

Who will benefit:
  • Older adults who wish to design the next stage of life and the lives they touch by aging consciously 
  • Professionals and care-givers who work with older adults
  • Clergy, spiritual directors, social workers, hospice workers 
  • All people who are interested in exploring a new paradigm of the life cycle as described in Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi's best-selling book, "From Age-ing to Sage-ing." (Please read it before the workshop!)

Our materials are not specific to any religious discipline, but enhance spiritual maturity for persons who embrace any faith or humanistic practice. This workshop also fulfills the prere quisite for enrolling in Certified Sage-ing Leadership (CSL) training.
Certified Faculty:
Maureen Dobson, MSW, Certified Sage-ing Leader (CSL), has worked in Colorado with older adults and caregivers for over 30 years as a case manager, senior housing administrator, and program coordinator. She is a Certified Sage-ing Leader and skilled practitioner of The Circle Way . She enjoys sharing her lifelong passion for conscious living as both a learner and a teacher.

Elizbeth Bell, Certified Sage-ing Leader (CSL) , is a poet, writer, spiritual activist and Certified Sage-ing Leader with an extensive background in leadership, course design and group facilitation. She resides in Northern California, and is founder of The Elder Wisdom Initiative and author of the Seven Graces of Aging: Dancing From The Inside Out. The commitment to create our elder years as the summit of life has been the source of her life and work for the past 20 years. 
Workshop Fees:
The US-$300 fee includes workshop materials, lunches, snacks, and resources from Sage-ing International. Nearby lodging opportunities are easily available for participants from outside the area. Contact Maureen if you are in need of suggestions ( ).

Register by August 1st for early bird discount: $270
Registration after August 1st: $300
Couples: $250 each (contact Maureen for Promo Code)
Repeater: $250 each (contact Maureen for Promo Code)
Registration deadline: September 1st

Please note: In the event of cancellation, Sage-ing International is not responsible for lost airfare. Please confirm with facilitators before reserving your flight.