Deeper Learning through Exploring Place, Projects, and Problems
Preparing students to be environmental stewards, active citizens, and 22nd century leaders demands a different approach to learning (and teaching!). Rote memorization and 'teaching to the test' just don't cut it, nor do these methods inspire student interest and passion for lifelong learning. Perhaps that's why place-, project-, and problem-based learning are gaining steam in schools across the country. These student-centered approaches encourage students to work collaboratively with their teachers to identify real problems occurring in their communities and come up with solutions that have real impact. In many cases, these solutions are shared with public audiences through student-created presentations and/or products. Each method on its own has the potential to enrich student learning and achievement. Practiced together, "P3 learning" is a powerful pedagogy that educates for a sustainable future.
This month, GreenNotes looked at how educators are approaching P3 learning in their classrooms, with stories from Rural Aspirations Project, PBLWorks, High Marq Environmental Charter School, and Teton Science Schools (who, by the way, wrote an article for the summer issue of the Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly).
Feature Articles

This Teacher Turned Her Holiday Wish List into a Buzzing Community Initiative

Reprinted with permission from Teton Science Schools.

Empowering Rural Students to Connect with Legacy Industries

Lasting Learning, Real Impact through Project-Based Learning

Capstone Projects Provide Stability in a Tumultuous School Year

Finding a Place for Science

Reprinted with permission from Green Teacher magazine. 
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Green Schools National Network's (GSNN) professional development and coaching services are designed to help schools and school districts adopt sustainability practices that align with their strategic goals. Our work is guided by the GreenPrintâ„¢ for Green, Healthy, and Sustainable Schools and its five core principles: curriculum, stewardship, facilities and operations, health and well-being, and leadership. Along with our professional development collaborative partners, we are positioned to help schools and school districts adopt a culture of sustainability that permeates every aspect of education: planning, policy development, program implementation, finances, curricula, teaching, learning, assessment, and administration.

Time is running out to sign up for GSNN's August professional development site seminar at Discovery Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia! Site seminars are open to all school leaders and educators, not just Catalyst Network Schools and Districts and GSNN Members. Check out the information below and sign up soon! The deadline for registration is August 5th.

Also...check out our latest offering, The Power of Place: A Walk Through Time. This site seminar will take place in October at Prairie Crossing Charter School, a Best of Green Schools award recipient! 

Food for Thought
Who:  Elementary School Teachers
When: August 13 - 15, 2019
Where: Discovery Elementary School, Arlington, Virginia
Cost: Catalyst Network Members: $75.00
          GSNN Members: $375.00
          Non-Members: $475.00
This education for sustainability seminar will use food production systems as an integrated inquiry for elementary school teachers. Health, science, engineering, math, social studies, and art come to life when we understand how the food we eat, where it comes from, and our role in growing it influences our health, cognitive functioning, and our relationship with and understanding of the natural world. In addition to creating an integrated balanced literacy/STEM unit plan, participants will design aquaponic and hydroponic growing environments for their classrooms.

The Power of Place: A Walk Through Time

Who: Teachers and Building Level School Leaders
When: October 17 - 18, 2019
Where: Prairie Crossing Charter School, Grayslake, Illinois
Cost: Catalyst Network Members: $100
          GSNN Members: $200
          Non-Members: $250

Join Green Schools National Network and 2017 Best of Green Schools award recipient Prairie Crossing Charter School for a two-day exploration of the Power of Place: A Walk Through Time. This site seminar will provide an opportunity for teachers and school leaders to see place-based, project-based, and problem-based learning in action. Prairie Crossing Charter School, a K-8 school just north of Chicago, was founded in 1999, with an environmental and sustainability lens to match the surrounding conservation neighborhood. Teaching and learning at Prairie Crossing are not restricted to the four walls of a classroom or pages in a book. Instead, teaching and learning are informed by the history of the school and grounds and how best to empower students to become Natural Leaders through place-, project-, and problem-based learning while preparing them for high school and beyond.   
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