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April 2022



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JEREMIAH'S PROMISE is set to begin federally funded studies to prove the benefits of the DeeperEngaged Social Impact platform, specifically our use of the systems' social achievement media, real-time assessments and deep dive analytics through virtual mentoring. Our hope is to elevate best practices for non-profits and serve more youth in a more deeply engaged and effective way as a result. Our first big step is that we can work along side non-profits and clients on the same platform interacting in real time to exchange vital information that may enhance client engagement, accessibility, equity and efficacy. We can help others modify programs per population and specific individuals, giving them precisely what they need to move their young clients ahead. We've had great success with The Next Step program, using the system to quickly identify specific issues and deliver solutions in real time to overcome the core struggles of our youth. This has taken months or even years off the usual time to goal achievement. That time means everything to a teen facing big challenges and who is searching for the right solution right now!

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We need your support to Love, Challenge and Equip many more foster and at-risk teens and young adults. 1. Talk us up 2. Forward our newsletters 3. Enroll in your company's Employee Matching Gift Program 4. Send the JP and DeeperEngaged links to foster and at-risk youth programs you know personally 5. Introduce us to a future donor or non-profit leader. Thank You!

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"Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope."

― Maya Angelou


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