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November 14, 2017
Firearm Deer Season starts! Tradition and Safety  Video

Enjoy venison! Michigan's Army takes to the fields and woods!

   If you brag up your local schools it may be Ignorance or Denial. Both can be corrected. Michigan's top ranked secondary school ( Wellspring Preparatory High School, Grand Rapids) is ranked 211th Nationally . Michigan's second best ( Arbor Preparatory High School, Ypsilanti) is rated 236th Nationally. Black River Public School (Holland) is 256th, Rochester Adams is 319th, Saline High School is #395, Troy High School # 397,   Ann Arbor Pioneer # 556,  East Grand Rapids # 558 (Fell from Michigan's best to 9th). Michigan's 10th best is Okemos High School, ranked # 578 Nationally, Troy Athens is # 579.  You can see more here:   National Ratings
   Michigan had 685 school districts supporting 1,097 high schools in the 2014-2015 academic year. 85 schools were listed among the 2600 receiving National ranking.   
     Students are assessed via mathematics and English proficiency tests.  Michigan high school students must complete an online learning experience before graduating. In 11th grade, students take the SAT college entrance exam and the ACT WorkKeys assessment, according to the  Michigan Department of Education .  Michigan's Rankings

Moore for U.S. Senate - Supporters stay fast -  Link
   It is hard to know the truth. What happened 40 years ago and was it out of line back then? Why wait until a month before an election to drag this up? Liberals in both Parties are undermining the Republican nominee for US Senate in Alabama, broadcasting allegations of inproprieties from decades ago. Did the Republican leader really spend $30 Million in the Primary to try to stop Moore? And before this came up? Would McConnell prefer a Democrat and risk of losing leadership with one changed vote? 
   Moore has twice been elected Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, and removed for 1) putting tablets of the Ten Commandments in the Court building, and 2) upholding God's plan for traditional marriage. Was it creepy to write in a teen's yearbook? To have coffee where a teen worked? While they have no proof of a touching incident decades ago, they gave a pass to Biden and others for which they have visual and verbal proofs.  Video. Remember Chappaquidick?  It didn't stop Ted from the Senate or a run for President.
   Conservatives have to re-evaluate if we should support the "lesser of two evils" being liberal Republicans who have purged conservatives and undermined conservative nominees. Two can play that game. GOP division may well produce massive changes in Michigan government that will take years to overcome.


New McNaughton painting featuring President Trump and the future -  Video   (Thanks, Mike)

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Short Notes
"Social Justice" is not a new concept. 
The problem is taking from those who work to give to those who do not, invariably results in fewer willing to work and others who will extort until there is nothing left.  (See Project Kirk below)

Donna Brazile Uses Book to Knock Hillary Off the Political Stag

A dialogue scene from  Dragonheart:  
Young Einon: The peasants are revolting.
Brok: They've always been revolting. But now they're rebelling.  
(Thanks, Jim)

Gangsta's take on Pride and Prejudice: Nailed it!

"Let me control the TEXTBOOKS and I will control the state."   Adolph Hitler

Where Michigan legislators are getting their campaign money  Report

Sanctuary States, Counties, CitiesMAP

Roy Moore's Accuser Deborah Gibson, Did Work for Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton ,and Other Democrats
MORE  (Thanks Nick)

VOTER FRAUD DOES EXIST! Judicial Watch is reporting that 11 counties in California had more votes then there was eligible voters and 10 of those Were Won by Clinton!


The Bundy Saga Continues -  Update

Reflecting on Holloween 
and the Reformation
We respect all religions and believe that believing in something greater than self makes us better to self and all around us.  October 31, 2017 - was  All Hallow's Eve , All Saints Day. 500th anniversary of the  Reformation There was great strife in the Christian church as works rightiousness and buying indulgences became a great heresy.   On this day five centuries ago a Catholic monk, professor, hymnist, preacher Dr. Martin Luther nailed  95 Thesis  on the door of the great All Saints Church in Wittenburg, Germany. 
 He called for debate on these issues.   Within weeks the posting was translated in many languages and spread throughout Europe. 
  Although Luther intended to  reform Catholicism, not break it apart, he accomplished both. On the 500th anniversary of his act of conscientious defiance, it is important to review how that moment changed the world religiously, economically, politically, socially, and intellectually. The upheaval stretched into every fabric of society, exceeding anything Martin Luther could anticipate. So widespread of an effect proclaims God's hand was involved.    LCMS Mess
   The Catholic Pope Leo X (Giovanni deLorenzo de'Medici) was also the Emperor of the Roman Empire at the time. He sought to silence Luther but he needed the armies of Princes loyal to Luther and his teachings. Why? Because the Islam horde was invading Europe and knocking on Italy's doors. This is a history that seems to repeat itself every 500 years +/-. Now it is our turn to preserve the Faith regardless of denomination.  
   Praise Him all creatures here below - Doxology  (Thanks Raphaelle)

Conservatives - Can we win? Is it all lost? Must we force a Constitutional Convention and risk National suicide when it goes rogue?  The ONLY chance we have is to change public policies by changing attitudes and perceptions of We The People. When people quit thinking government is the answer they will look to themselves and quit feeding at the public trough. Conservatives are to a degree, our own worse enemy. We refuse to work together, each thinking we alone have all the answers. Michigan Conservative Union has fought this battle since we formed it in 1975. It has assembled some of the brightest, most principled patriots we are totally committed to less government and more freedoms - as invisioned and set up by the Founders. MCU works with all factions of the movement. THIS is where we will make the difference, if anywhere.  


Reapportionment Petition is a "non partisan" Democrat plan to gerrymand legislative districts. They hope to put it on the November 2018 ballot.   Petition

How remodeling contractors are handling a labor shortage by training workers:  Link

COS Rally a bust
"Convention of States" = National Suicide!  COS advocates, led by Speaker ProTem Lee Chatfield (who aspires to be the next Speaker) with COS senior advisor and lobbyist Dr. Tom Coburn, former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma,  had a rally on the Capitol steps Thursday November 2 to promote their plan for a constitutional convention. Looking at three of their videos it appears only about 37-40 showed including legislators, media and a few folks who showed up against a COS. Twenty minutes in, the number was about 12, half being media. It should be clear to legislators that there is no significant support for the idea of a new USA Constitutional Convention. 
  We all have concerns with Congress but jumping from the frying pan into the fire is not the answer. We change public policies by changing attitudes towards government, its purposes, scope and size. 
Sponsored by Michigan Conservative Union - Southeast MI. chapter. 
(What members are thinking)
Debra Babcock-Mantey-Ell - Isn't it rich that the the loudest roars against Moore are from the same Republican nevertrumpers who wanted Trump to step aside 30 days before the election and disenfranchise voters. NEVER TRUST THEM. NEVER FORGET THEM.
  Dave Alan Ryan - A farmer travels to buy a tractor. He has 30,000 dollars. The police pull him over and demand to search his vehicle. They find nothing but seize and keep the 30 grand. He is forced to prove he is not a gangster or drug dealer. He never recovers the money.  
  A congressman enters congress,he makes 174,000 a year. After 4 years he is a multi millionaire. Why is it he doesn't have to be subject to search under threat from a man with a gun? Shouldn't he have to explain where he got it. If he is not corrupt, it should be easy.
 Michael Williams - This (Virginia Governor) election was decided 2 years ago, 1, that piece of shttGov. Terry McCauliff signing an executive order giving 200,000 felons the right to vote, and 2, the packing of illegal aliens from all over the world into Virginia since 2014. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SHOCKING IF ANY REPUBLICAN WOULD HAVE WON!
   Jordan Haskins - Those points you make are true. My point is that the candidate our party had wasn't exactly one to be enthusiastic about. He couldn't draw out the numbers necessary to even put up a real fight.
  Dave AgemaAs passed by the Senate, SB 584 bans the open carry of a handgun where it is currently legal under the law and NOW requires additional government-mandated training to even be able to carry a concealed handgun in these same areas. Not only that, but it is also further entrenches the anti-gun policies at Michigan's largest universities.
   Folks, SB 584 makes it MORE difficult to be able to defend yourself in places that Michiganders visit on a regular basis.
Bryan Dale - "If Moore is guilty". There has been no trial. There have been no charges laid and there won't be, so how can Moore be guilty? This is a mess of the GOP establishment's making. Let's hope that the people of Alabama stand by their candidate.
Dale Vanderhoof - I had hoped that the people of Kansas would make the right decision when we voted out of office one of the true anti-establishment conservatives (Tim Huelskamp) and voted into office Roger Marshall, a squishy, establishment RINO. Marshall's lies about Huelskamp worked. In this case, I hope Alabama voters have Moore sense, and don't eat the bait.

Guns save lives

"There was nothing particularly sacred about the origin of this government." -Algie Simons, a founder of the Socialist Party, writing in 1911

++ Don't look at Government from a Business model.  Cost Is No Object for government, and power is what is sought. Why does the federal government squander hundreds of billions of tax dollars year after year? Seeking to understand politicians and
bureaucrats on the basis of private-sector decision-making models are doomed to failure. Efforts to "fix" government by ending
specific boondoggles are quixotic crusades. Government will continue to be profoundly wasteful because that is how politicians maximize their power-a subject that interests politicians far more than do federal audit reports.
   "Political language . . . is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind," observed George Orwell. Professor Ruth Grant wrote that "hypocrisy and politics are inextricably connected on account of the peculiar character of political relationships."
Since government relies on coercion to secure submission to its edicts, politics is largely the e xercise of deception regarding the intended use of coercion.
 The benevolence of government rarely transcends the venality of politics. Paternalism seeks to generate mass happiness by forcibly sacrificing as many people and groups as necessary to the Greater Good. And who defines the Greater Good? The same people who benefit from maximizing the sacrifices.

   We change public policies by changing public knowledge and perceptions.  You may notice as you scan the articles and information that some are submitted by readers, facebook friends, and interested individuals. Feedback is always welcome by emailing norm@mcu.today.
  Because we receive so much information daily, it is not possible to include everything. We try to include links to some of the most important and interesting.  Let's keep the faith and fight for a free USA and opportunities for our children and grandchildren as we had. 

National and International
++ Pending in Congress. Worth your study and calls: (202-224-3121)
* H.R. 4174 will allow a national database containing data from every federal agency on every citizen
* H.R. 2434 would overturn the Higher Education Act's ban on a federal student unit-record system and establish a system of lifelong tracking of individuals by the federal government
* H.R. 3157 which would amend the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), without restoring the FERPA privacy protections that were gutted by regulatory fiat in 2012.

++ FEPA would develop many data collection sources on individuals  in a misguided attempt to justify policy changes. 
   HR 4174, the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act (FEPA) introduced by House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray will increase 1) the non-consensual surveillance of freeborn American citizens, and 2) the probability of a comprehensive national database on every American.
  This bill creates a government-wide "evidence building plan" that will lead to a national citizen database. The U.S. Dept. of Education will include lifelong student data tracking.  MORE   (Thanks, Melanie)
   You can call members of Congress at 202-224-3121

++ Moore Character Assassination!  In a nearly unprecedented conspiracy to politically kill their own Republican Nominee,  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called on Roy Moore of Alabama to drop his Republican U.S. Senate candidacy, saying he believes the women who say the former judge pursued them for dates when they were teenagers.
   "I think he should step aside," McConnell told reporters Monday in his home state of Kentucky. "I believe the women, yes," the GOP leader said.
   McConnell pumped about $15 Million into the primary to try to stop Moore, who has asked McConnell to step aside. 
    McConnell said Monday that a write-in campaign is a possibility to oppose Moore in the Dec. 12 election.
  The GOP Senate nominee said his opponents were "desperate" and said, "People in Alabama will see through this charade."
   There are plenty of Republican women who echo Moore's response to the accusations. "It's too long ago, it's a 'he said she said,'" Debbie Harrelson. "He's had forty years of service to the state of Alabama and he's proven himself to me so I don't care." MORE

So much for Reagan's 11th commandment. Conservatives must long remember what establishment Republicans are doing to this conservative nominee. This will be a two way street. Expect Republican losses next year.  No more donations to McConnell! 

US Supreme Court Killed Refugee Ban Challenge -  In each case, the Court wiped out lower court rulings from the 4th and 9th U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal that concluded Trump's order was unlawful. Justice Sonia Sotomayor dissented from the court's vacatur order in each case, but agreed that the challenges should be dismissedMore

the Democrat Senate 
is holding nominees hostage to its demand that Obama administration policies not be changed. Barack Obama gets to be president forever, apparently.  Interior top nominees are being held hostage to huge Federal land grabs including the 1.35 MILLION ACRE (2,000 Square Mile) Bears Ears "monument" in Utah created by Executive order in the last days (12/28/2016) of the Obama Administration.       This obstructionism is unprecedented in American history. The question is, what are Mitch McConnell and the other alleged leaders of the Republican majority going to do about it?  More

++ AP Finds Hackers Hijacked at Least 195 Trump Web AddressesAfter the hack, computer users who visited the Trump-related addresses were unwittingly redirected to servers in St. Petersburg, Russia, that cybersecurity experts said contained malicious software commonly used to steal passwords or hold files for ransom. According to security experts, the hackers hijacked the addresses by penetrating and altering the domain registration records housed at GoDaddy.com. Whether anyone fell victim to such tactics is unclear. More

++ George W. Bush: The Last Republican President?  George H. W. voted for Clinton; W says he voted for neither. 
   For decades, Republicans, like the Bushes, manipulated the unenthused and exacerbated among their base into thinking that unless they continued voting for Republican candidates, Armageddon would ensue.
  The Bushes typify the phenomenon now known as "NeverTrump." NeverTrumpers are Republicans, whether politicians or pundits, who have stopped at nothing in their quest to sabotage Trump. NeverTrumpers are contemptible for having refrained from voting for Trump after decades of deceiving the base of their party into thinking that it is was morally unacceptable for their constituents to refrain from voting for the Bushes, the McCains, the Romneys, i.e. neoconservative candidates.        NeverTrumpers are contemptible for their deceit, hypocrisy, and disloyalty to the millions of Americans who supported them and their party since forever.
    Bush's domestic policies were just as destructive to America's well-being as was his foreign policy of waging war against Third World countries.  The Patriot Act; No Child Left Behind; federal  funding for embryonic stem-cell research; and bailouts for the banking and automobile industries were just some of the many lowlights of a presidency replete with lowlights.
  Every American who ever desired to know the truth about our political system should thank God for Trump-regardless of whether or not they like him as a person or as a politician. Trump's candidacy and presidency have exposed the System in all of its ugliness.
  Bush Junior laments that, as a result of Trump's presidency, he may just be prove to be "the last Republican President." Lovers of peace and liberty the world over should pray without ceasing that Bush's fear comes to pass.  If it does they will have something else for which to thank President Trump.  More  (Thanks, Larry)
Michigan Brief 

++ Bills for gun rights are pending  as firearm deer season opens (license fees doubled in price under Republicans). Perhaps politicians are looking at the next election. Article    (Thanks, Bill)

++ Tim Kelly U.S. Dept. of Education Nomination withdrawn. Link

Did Kelly's support for " Convention Of States" effect his nomination?  It is a radical idea to risk the Constitution with an open convention in these times. Conservatives supporting COS rail against Congress and pretend states will control the convention. States petition, Congress Calls an Art.V. Congress needs to be reined in for sure - one Amendmant at a time or by voters demand the changes we need. Not by forcing a ConCon that could be National Suicide.  

++ Insurance Reform  - turned down in Michigan House. the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Authority (MCCA) fund was created by the legislature as a means of spreading the cost of providing these unique, unlimited benefits across all Michigan auto insurers . Although created by statute, the MCCA is a private, nonprofit association. All of its dealings are with insurance companies, not the general public.
   The MCCA has a Board of Directors that consists of 5 representatives from insurance companies appointed by the Director of the Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) according to statute. The insurance companies appointed to serve on this board are among the top writers, by volume of business, of auto insurance in Michigan. (See a conflict or problem here?) 
++ Don't veer for deer - In 2016, Oakland County had the most deer/vehicle crashes with 1,847 crashes. The remaining top nine were Kent (1,481), Lapeer (1,308), Jackson (1,254), Sanilac (1,119), Ottawa (1,116), Ingham (1,096), Calhoun (1,056), Genesee (1,000), Eaton (998) and Isabella (980).  More (Thanks, Sen. Phil Pavlov)

++ Hunters Contribute Far More to Conservation than Environmentalists & Animal Rights Groups.  The fees paid by hunters to hunt on these public lands has been a massive boon to state-run conservation efforts- a boon that has outstripped anything even hinted at by anti-gun advocates and animal rights activists.
  We think it's time hunters stop living under the stigma imposed on them by an ignorant, virtue signaling leftist agenda. It's time for hunters to be proud of their important contribution to the conservation of wilderness and wild animals, to the agencies that regulate these efforts, and for the healthy- non-industrial meat they provide to their families.  More

Thank you to those in the legislature who have seen through the COS.   "It is equally certain that there are others who urge a second Convention with the insidious hope, of throwing all things into Confusion, and of subverting the fabric just established, if not the Union itself." Letter Madison to Jefferson 12/8/1788

Please read what you can, and pass some on!
Dr. Russell Kirk's   
The Conservative Mind  began the modern conservative movement and was the guide Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, Wm.F. Buckley, Jr., and others looked to for clarity and focus on "the permanent things."  
Linked here a
"Social Justice" is not a new concept. The problem is taking from those who work to give to those who do not, invariably results in fewer willing to work and others who will extort until there is nothing left. 

Friedrick Hayek on Redistribution of Wealth (With Wm. F. Buckley, Jr.) -  7 Minute Video
Milton Friedman on Redistribution of Wealth - The only way in which you can effectively redistribute wealth is by destroying the incentive to have wealth  Video 4:21
Milton Friedman sc hools young Bernie Sanders about poverty - bad government breaks up families, creates terrible schools and creates poverty  Video 5:38
Bernie Sanders vs Milton Friedman #1: HealthcareVideo 11:32
After the fall of Communism everyone agree Socialism was a failure Milton Friedman: The Rise of Socialism is Absurd. There are two different markets - The economic market operating under the incentive of profits; and the political market operating under the incentive of power. We are starving the market that suceeds, and feeding the market that fails- Video 10:25
Margaret Thatcher - Capitalism and a Free Society Video 15:30 min.

You with us? 

Our children and grand children need us to be good stewards of our blessings, including freedoms and liberty! 

Conservatives believe in truth, and the other permanent things. Please consider joining and/or supporting Michigan's Conservative Team. 


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