Help save federal funding for research.
Dear Friends:

Regardless of your thoughts about the outcome of our federal election, it is clear our nation is entering a period of unprecedented risk.  

Our President-elect has threatened to dismantle many of the gains the autism community has made over the past few years. Funding for scientific research is in jeopardy. Medicaid-funded services, which half of all children with autism receive, are in jeopardy. The laws that protect our children's right to an education are in jeopardy. The list is long and frightening. But, in the face of fear we must be fueled by confidence, optimism and resilience. We need to double down on hope. Volunteer more. Educate others. Increase financial support for the causes we hold dear.

When you consider the many groups that need your support in this time of great uncertainty please remember that our family members with autism are in dire need of your help, now more than ever. Over the past five years we have made significant progress toward uncovering the causes of autism and developing targeted treatments for toddlers, children, teens and adults. We can't stop now, and yet federal funding for research is at risk! We must continue to fund research, support education and expand services to ensure our family members will not just survive, but thrive.

All of us at the Autism Science Foundation will work harder than ever to support our family members and fellow citizens with autism. There is important work to do.  We will do it.  Please help.

With gratitude,

Alison Singer
President, Autism Science Foundation
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