April 2016
trauma informed SCHOOLS IN FOCUS

Trauma informed schools in focus 
This is the fourth edition of the Trauma Informed Schools In Focus newsletter. Why are you receiving this update? Because you are either a local Defending Chidlhood partner or a leader in implementing trauma informed projects in your district, building or agency. This bimonthly newsletter features general DCI news, updates from local districts and a collection of media stories from the past month highlighting issues related to addressing trauma in schools, positive behavior supports and educational equity.  
IN DCI news....
SUN trauma informed learning community wraps up the school year 

Over the last two school years, a group of SUN Site Managers met monthly to learn together about how trauma informed practices and principles apply to a community school model. The group has grappled with questions of how to better support both students and staff who have been impacted by trauma as they navigate SUN programming, whether it is the extended day, food pantry program or case management.  

After this period of learning, what do they recommend as the essential 'toolkit' for the school based social service provider?
  • This Trauma and Resilience toolkit is a fabulous resource for anyone on the hunt for training materials or handouts, for both staff AND students.
Thanks to Katie Lauderdale (Centennial HS SUN, Impact NW), Pam Lyons (Peninsula K-8 SUN, Neighborhood House) and Madeliene Hernandez (Ron Russel SUN, El Programa Hispano Catolico) for their valuable contribution to this group over the last two years. 
In local districts.... Screenings of the documentary paper tigers 

In Portland Public Schools, Centennial and Reynolds SD school staff and students alike have had the opportunity to screen and dialogue about Paper Tigers, a documentary about a trauma informed transformation at Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA. 

Margaret Spurlock and Kovi Altamirano provide this great description of the recent screening at Centennial High School, hosted by the Health Center's Youth Advisory Council. 

For those interested in hosting their own screening, the distributor for Paper Tigers (Tugg) just made available for purchase an educational version of this documentary, which includes chunked-up 'episodes' with accompanying discussion guides. 

In addition to this great film, the same filmmakers just released the new documentary  Resilience, which focuses on resiliency and healing from trauma. 
In the media.... 
A collection of reporting, blog posts, and essays from the last month.  

Mandy Davis, Co Director of Trauma Informed Oregon, dedicates a recent blog post to trauma informed educational settings. 


Here is a nice write up on a trauma informed Learning Collaborative at one of the sites participating in the National Forum on Youth Violence (funded, as Defending Childhood Initiative is, by the US Dept of Justice). A partnership between City of New Orleans Health Department, Tulane University and New Orleans schools brought training and follow up activities to six schools. 


The online publication Chalkbeat features this nice description of teachers and students engaging together in mindful practice during school day to combat discipline problems. 


Maureen Hinman, legislative coordinator for the Oregon School Based Health Alliance, writes in her blog about the recent passage of House Bill 4002. This bill will make funding available for districts and education service districts to implement trauma informed systems, practice and policy change.  


Seattle Magazine chronicles the project that West Seattle Elementary has taken on to be the first trauma informed school in Seattle, WA. This work is being done in partnership with the CLEAR Trauma Center in Spokane, WA. 



multnomah county trauma informed schools advisory group 

Interested in providing guidance on trauma informed strategies happening in schools county-wide? The advisory group is composed of representatives from districts across the County. Themes for 2015/2016 including 'train the trainer' models, building readiness for this work and further inclusion of educational equity into school based trauma informed practice. 

The next meeting is Monday, May 23rd from 4:00-5:30PM. Contact Kate.gigler@multco.us for more details. 
Kate Gigler | Defending Childhood Initiative | 503-988-2402 | kate.gigler@multco.us