August 2016 
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Trauma informed schools in focus 
This is the sixth edition of the Trauma Informed Schools In Focus newsletter. Why are you receiving this update? Because you are either a local Defending Childhood Initiative (DCI) partner or a leader in implementing trauma informed projects in your district, building or agency. This bimonthly newsletter features general DCI news, updates from local districts and a collection of media stories from the past month highlighting issues related to addressing trauma in schools, positive behavior supports and educational equity.  
rEYNOLDS School District trauma informed Learning collaborative   

Over the 2015/2016 school year the Reynolds School District (RSD) and the Defending Childhood Initiative partnered to try out trauma informed instructional strategies inside classrooms. This effort to move professional development into implementation and action yielded valuable lessons about how to engage with schools and staff around trauma informed strategies. A description of that work, and the lessons learned, are summarized in this toolkit. Defending Childhood is excited to continue the partnership with RSD for this coming school year, and further strides to incorporate trauma informed perspectives into Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and racial equity initiatives. 
Announcing: trauma informed train the trainer 

With the current federal funding for the schools-focused work of Defending Childhood set to end in May 2017, there is a need to increase capacity of schools and youth-serving agencies to provide training on trauma informed practices. In December 2016, 25 participants will participate in a 2-day professional development session that will provide training on trauma informed practices, training facilitation techniques and opportunities to practice facilitation.

The Google Form application can be found  on Defending Childhood's website. Please read the complete information packet and get supervisor approval before applying. 
In the media.... 
A collection of reporting, blog posts, and essays from Over the summer.

This reading list is all about strategies and solutions! 

The past two months have been filled with reporting that highlights innovative and courageous work to address childhood trauma and violence exposure. I hope you find these articles as uplifting and hopeful as I did. 

Teaching Tolerance Magazine, August 2016
A powerful description from a North Carolina school counselor on how she created safety in her classroom. 

National Public Radio, August 2016  
The US Department of Education recently started funding programs designed to increase educator mindfullness, as way to mitigate workplace stress. This great article details the promising results from an evaluation of the implementation of CARE for Teachers in New York City schools. 

Edutopia, July 2016
Loving this very in depth article that includes countless strategies for creating inclusive classroom spaces. In some ways, it offers some tangible steps educators can take to address the issues described in this very sobering, but important,  New York Times  reporting about the very high levels of violence reported by GLTBQ youth.

The New York Times, August 2016
This is the second in a series of three pieces on childhood trauma from David Bornstein. This article details hopeful research from Washington State examining how strengthened community networks are correlated to better outcomes for children and families. 

ACEs Connection, July 2016 
An inspiring description of a partnership between college students and teens to recognize the influences of the trauma experienced by ancestors on current day experiences in school. 

Center for Youth Wellness Blog, July 2016
San Francisco high school youth conducted research into adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and combined that with their own lived experiences to provide " contextual narratives to the ACEs they experienced". They also added a list of potential ACEs including school bullying, harassment by a police offer and discrimination.  Youth pictured above. 

And finally, featured on my new favorite Facebook feed - Trauma Informed Positive Behaviour Support, out of Australia - was this post: These Are the 13 Neuroscience Blogs and Podcasts You Need to Follow in 2016. This great article features reviews of resources for self study. If only there was more time in the day!
In case you missed the June 2016 newsletter, which arrived just after school let out,
multnomah county trauma informed schools advisory group 

Interested in networking and learning about trauma informed strategies happening in schools County-wide? The group is composed of representatives from districts and youth-serving organizations across Multnomah County. There will be opportunities to become involved in DCI's key strategies in 2016/2017 including The Train the Trainer project and sustainability-focused activities in districts. 

The next meeting is Monday, September 26th from 4:00-5:30PM. Contact for more details. 
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