I have been working hard since the 2020 legislative session on behalf of our law enforcement officers and all who cherish basic principles of law and order. The upcoming legislative session will be a very tough one for law enforcement officers throughout Maryland as progressives continue their efforts to politicize public safety. The following exchange, published in The Daily Record on December 14, 2020, captures a fundamental disagreement between lawmakers regarding proposed police reform legislation that threatens to disrupt the recruitment and retention of qualify law enforcement officers throughout Maryland:

Sen. Will Smith Jr., D-Montgomery - "You want to give law enforcement no more, no less due process than any other civil servant.”

Sen. Robert G. Cassilly, R-Harford - "Police officers are unlike other civil servants, they comprise a necessary paramilitary force operating in high-stakes environments.You can’t apply to the police force rules designed to apply to the assembly line."

"The impetus for greater public oversight of police discipline this coming legislative session was the May 25 death of George Floyd, …Amid this national concern about excessive police power, a state statute inartfully and inaccurately called the Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights has become ripe for scrutiny in the General Assembly, Cassilly said. “It’s not a list of rights,” Cassilly said, referring to the law’s name. “It’s a list of procedures.” The law simply sets forth the process for reviewing officers’ actions and disciplining them if deemed warranted, Cassilly added."

"Cassilly urged the Democrat-led General Assembly not to rush through a slew of police reforms based on allegations of police brutality that occurred in other states without a showing that change is needed in Maryland law enforcement. “Bad cases make for bad laws,” Cassilly said. “Let’s not go overboard,” he added. “Let’s be reasonable in whatever we do here.”

Thank you for your support.
Bob Cassilly 
Senator, District 34