Volume 3 Issue 6 | February 2019
By Tom Gullen - My Pee Wee Team just was knocked out of the state tournament. I have coached for 38 years but I will tell you, it still stings when you lose a big game. I told my team the same thing on Saturday; you played a good game. No regrets; we just couldn’t get a puck past their goalie despite outplaying them badly. It’s OK that this hurts a little right now because that means it matters to you. I am sad because it was a very good team that was easy to coach and came a long way this year. I really wanted to see how far we could go…
Early in my career a former WHC President by the name of Terry Beacom taught me a few things. He was a big house league guy….loved the house league. “I want every game to end in a tie.” Of course I was 24 and I looked at him like he was from another planet but I soon understood the lesson; create equal teams, make every game close.

His other great line was “the sign of a successful season was a kid that wanted to play hockey next year.” Back in those days, before Survey Monkey and everything we do now to get people’s input, it was a far simpler barometer; did they sign up to play the next season? 

So as we close the book on this season, what should define a successful season? Yes we hope every kid signs up for hockey in the fall of 2019…but I would say there are five key things that will define a successful season for any player in our program.
The Jr. Warriors and Winnetka Hockey Clubs are pleased to announce our spring hockey programs. Our objectives are to offer a comprehensive program designed to improve each child’s fundamental skills, game skills, and confidence. Our programs will run from April 1st- May 22nd. We will offer programs for the following age groups:

Mites: Born 2011, 2012, 2013
Squirts: Born 2009-2010
Pee Wees: Born 2007-2008
Bantams: Born 2005-2006
U12/U14 & U16/U19 Programs
The North Shore Warhawks is pleased to announce its spring hockey skills program under the direction of U16 coach Bill Brush. Our focus will be to improve the core skills of all participants through the utilization of skills sessions, small area games, and tournament play. The program will feature Wednesday evening skills sessions under the direction of Wayne Brown. Additionally, we will have 4 Sunday late afternoon sessions devoted to small area games.
U10 Programs
The North Shore Warhawks will form a spring team for girls born in 2009 and 2010. The team will play 8 games in the North Shore Spring League beginning the first weekend in April and concluding by May 20th. The games will be played primarily Friday-Sunday with home games being played at Winnetka or North Shore Ice Arena. Away games will be played at surrounding rinks in the north suburban area.
Good luck to all our Winnetka and Warhawks teams participating in the 2019 Illinois State Hockey Championships! All championship games will be broadcast LIVE from The Edge Ice Arena by Game Time Broadcasting.
Former Warrior Andrew Seaman Commits to Union College
Former Winnetka Warrior Andrew Seaman has made a commitment to attend Union College of the East Coast Athletic Conference. The Dutchmen are currently ranked 17th in NCAA Division 1 and were the 2014 National Champions. Andrew currently attends Phillips Exeter in Exeter, New Hampshire. He expects to play junior hockey to prepare for his collegiate career. Andrew played in our program through first year of Bantams. He is the son of Jeff and Amy Seaman of Winnetka. Congratulations to a great young man! 
"Senior Andrew Seaman was really impressive. He is fast, slick and smart. Unique combination of a player who values possession and also has a high skill level." - NZ Prep Hockey
Learn from the best! The 5 Skills Hockey Camp strives to improve your child's skills, while providing a fun and enjoyable summer hockey experience. Experienced instructors will employ scrimmages and on/off-ice instruction to focus on five core skills: dynamic skating, puck control, shooting, scoring, and game play. Camp runs August 5 to August 9.
Winnetka Ice Arena’s lesson program for ages 3 and older offers something for everyone - from the first steps on the ice to mastering advanced techniques. Skating and hockey group lessons for spring start March 11.
Click button to view skating class schedules and register. 
Click button to view hockey class schedules and register.
The Power Of Practice
By Harry Thompson - In the words of Allen Iverson, when it comes to skill development we are definitely talkin’ about practice. Not a game. Not a game. We’re talkin’ about practice. While Iverson’s anti-practice rant may be taken a little out of context for the sake of this argument, the message still drives home an important point. When it comes to skill development, especially at the younger age levels, the best way to improve is not by playing more games than an NHLer, but through station-based practices.
10 Things Coaches Secretly Love
By Mike Doyle - Coaches love hard workers and good teammates. But what other traits and behaviors do coaches really value in their players?

Ted Cheesebrough, who’s in his 20th season as the assistant coach for boys' varsity at Centennial High School and a Minnesota Hockey ADM instructor, gives his insights on 10 things players do that coaches absolutely love.