Many readers may have already encountered the concept of the Mandela Effect . If you have not, it's the idea that the universe that we're inhabiting today is slightly askew from the universe in which we grew up; that somewhere along the way, the timeline we're on has veered off from that of the original universe and that today's "past" contains historical events which diverge from what we remember having lived what now appears to have occurred an alternate timeline relative to our current present (!)

Were the old cartoons we saw on TV in the late 20th century Looney Tunes – or Looney Toons?

This video definitively covers this weird subject and its more grounded explanations, including False Memory Syndrome and confabulation, both of which are challenged by the overwhelming amount of people who recall the same divergent "historical" events. This has led some to speculate that they may be living witnesses to what was postulated in the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (MWI), the theory of parallel universes conceived by 1950s Princeton physics student, Hugh Everett III.

The video covers a host of disputed memories of pop culture events. Those who know me well know that I have an uncanny memory. I'm shocked to say that most of my memories of the factoids cited here are no longer "true"!

Which versions do you remember? This is actually a fun exercise. Enjoy!

Running Time: under 16 mins

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