Winter 2020
Be prepared for winter
Damage to plants from improper use of deicing salts shows up long after snow and ice has melted!

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Planning and planting for privacy
  • Choose a variety of plants to improve interest and resilience against problems
  • Prioritize with native plants
  • Choose the right plant for the site
  • Plant correctly and don't over mulch

Which plant ID apps do the pros use?
Mobile apps and social media make it easier than ever to identify plants. Artificial intelligence technology and user input continue to fine-tune the accuracy of these tools. Which apps and websites do we currently recommend for plant ID?

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Ever wonder who answers your plant and insect questions?
Since 1990, the Home & Garden Information Center has been answering Maryland's gardening questions.

Our Maryland Certified Professional Horticulturists answer all of your questions - an impressive 7,125 inquiries in 2019!

We welcome Miri Talabac , our newest horticulture consultant, to HGIC 's Ask an Expert team!

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Q: I’m wintering a neighbor’s palm in my heated basement and have trouble gauging how much and how often to water it.  This morning I noticed some damage to several frond ends. Can you offer advice?

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Winter topics
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Care of amaryllis
Did you receive an amaryllis bulb for the holidays and wonder what to do with it?

The beautiful blooms are a welcome bright spot in the doldrums of winter. Help them stay happy and last longer with our care tips.

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seed catalogs
Credit: Jon Traunfeld
Are you delighted yet overwhelmed by seed catalogs?
Jon Traunfeld demystifies the horticulture jargon in seed catalogs to help you decide what seeds will be winners in your garden in 2020!

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Stormwater management
MD researchers show that even small patches of urban forest add value for stormwater management.

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