June-July 2015 Update
Del Mar Update from Dwight Worden

Hello friends! Here is my July 2015 newsletter as your City Councilmember. I'll address a few topical issues for Del Mar in  each of these periodic newsletters, welcoming your feedback! Please feel free to share this with your Del Mar friends and neighbors.

Dwight's July Office Hours -  Canceled

I'm traveling to Montana for fly fishing and music--yup, how good is that--so I will miss my first Friday (July 3) of the month office hours. I'll be back at the Del Mar Community Building for the first Friday in August, the 7th--9:30 to 11:30. Please stop by! No appointment needed, just drop in. I am also happy to talk with you by phone or over a cup of coffee, so let me know if you'd like to schedule a meeting. Email me at: dwight@dwightworden.com.

City Hall Plans Take Shape
Click the image to see the architects' Concept Plan Recommendation (June 15, 2015).
The plans for our new civic center are taking shape! With a City Hall for city staff and offices, a Town Hall for council and community meetings, an emergency operations center, a plaza for the farmers' market and other activities, and parking for 160 cars (mostly underground), the plan also reserves spaces for potential future uses. We will be receiving schematic renderings soon putting flesh on the preferred "Option E."  

The good news includes (1) the architects are doing a great job of seeking out and responding to community input (2) we can have a great town hall with flex space for meetings, presentations, conferencing, workshops and other community activities including indoor/outdoor options for a real "Del Mar feel." (3) So far, we are on budget and on schedule. 
The bad news: construction costs are rising as the economy continues to recover.

Alvarado House: Heritage Center.    The Del Mar Historical Society is proposing that the historic Alvarado House, currently located in a corner of the fairgrounds, be relocated to the new civic center as the Del Mar Heritage Center, and, they have about $70,000 to help with the move and installation. 

We'll be reviewing other possible sites for this great piece of Del Mar history, but right now the civic center, probably in the southwest corner on 10th Street, looks like a great spot, perhaps with a community garden around it. We could have our own little historic district along 10th and put this beautiful small house to good use so all could enjoy it. Visit the Del Mar Historical Society here and read all about the Alvarado house. I'd welcome your thoughts on the topic! dwight@dwightworden.com 

Community Character and Design Review: Citizens Rise Up
In the great Del Mar tradition, a grass roots group of citizens formed to share concerns about their perception that our community character is changing, and not for the better, due to the construction of ever larger homes without the attention to design, landscape, and neighborhood character that has made Del Mar the great place it is today. In response, the City Council has appointed an ad-hoc advisory committee comprised not only of citizens from this grass roots movement but also with representation from prior DRB applicants, prior DRB members, a prior planning commission member, an experienced applicants' representative and a local architect. You can read about the Task Force and see its membership here.

I'm pleased to be one of two council liaisons to the Task Force, along with Don Mosier. We will be having our first meeting soon and I'll do my best to keep you up to date. Here is the Task Force's  Mission and Purpose established by Council:

1) Identify the concerns related to community impacts of new and remodeled homes; 
2) Identify the goal to be achieved in potentially modifying regulations/procedures; and 
3) Recommend solutions to remedy the situation, including possible amendments to the regulations in the Municipal Code and/or the City's development review procedures. 

We're hoping for a final report with recommendations to Council by the end of the year.  We have a great team in place, and I am excited to be part of this process. Also, note that we have a great DRB in place with several new members, looking to help in this process and to share their valued knowledge and experience.

Short Term Rentals--A Brewing Del Mar Concern
Short-term rentals dot the Del Mar map.
Short-term rentals dot the Del Mar map.
In ever-increasing numbers, Del Mar residences are being rented out on a short term basis. I'm hearing complaints and concerns--some residents report that every week a new set of vacationers arrives next door, often accompanied by lots of cars, parties and noise into the wee hours, trash, etc. I'm looking into the issue with the help of several citizens. We're looking at how other communities handle these issues, considering a possible Code of Conduct for short-term
renters, and other options

By the way, under the current Del Mar Code rentals shorter than 30 days are not allowed, so part of our problem looks to be enforcement of existing rules. The bigger picture is taking the time to study the issues, receive community input, and adjust our rules as needed, including our enforcement practices. Let me know what your experience has been with this issue. And, if there is a problem in your neighborhood, report it to the city as our current enforcement process primarily responds to complaints. You can report a complaint by email: 
code@delmar.ca.us  or by phone at:858-755-9313. You can send me your thoughts: dwight@dwightworden.com.

A Special Doofus Award Goes To: The Driver Who Crashed into the Boardwalk.
A driver on Jimmy Durante passing through the Fairgrounds drove off the road, across the restored wetlands, through the fence, and into  the Boardwalk. Sheesh--that's a good couple hundred yards off the road without braking. Apparently, some serious alcohol abuse was involved. Whatever, this driver earns my Doofus of the Month award.

Got Issues of Concern This Summer? 
Send me an email -- dwight@dwightworden.com -- and let me know. I'll see what I can do! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this update, and for sharing your thoughts with me.