Del Mar Values:

Transparency, Accessibility, Civility - and Open Minds 

Del Mar is full of smart, engaged people. We value transparency and honesty in our city government, and we insist on access to our elected officials. We value civility, and an open-minded approach as we consider each other's perspectives, work for consensus, and make key decisions.

Here is my track record on honoring these core values:

* I hold monthly, drop-in office hours, and have done so for my entire time in office. I've learned a lot, shared a lot, and I find the open discussions very useful.

Next up: Friday, November 4, 2022 from 2-4 pm at the Del Mar Community Building at 225 9th Street. (No appointment needed - just drop in.)

* I answer every email, every phone call, every Red Dot, and every text message. My home phone is 858-481-2609 and my cell is 619-977-4700.

* I report fullly at council meetings on our advisory committees, local nonprofits, key regional items, and topics of importance to Del Mar. 

* I send an email newsletter to constituents when important issues face Del Mar. On occasion, I publish white papers that provide a "deep dive" into a topic, to help frame complex issues and workable solutions.

*Before voting or taking positions, I thoroughly review the matter, read all red dots, do my own research and ask lots of questions, listen closely to all perspectives, keep an open mind when considering what others have to say, and I explain my thinking. I actively seek consensus, but respect principled differences that sometimes lead to a split vote on council.

* Civility Works: As Mayor, I conduct Council meetings in a respectful and inclusive way. I make sure that everyone who wishes to speak has an opportunity to be heard, and I listen carefully to all. Former Mayor Sherryl Parks and I crafted the Council-adopted Civility Works: The Del Mar Code of Civil Discourse, which fosters fruitful dialogue and promotes progress at City public meetings and workshops.

I ask for your vote. In return, I pledge to honor the core Del Mar values of transparency, accessibility, and civility.



Top photo: Del Mar voters enjoy lively conversations and ask good questions at a recent campaign event.  Below:  My dog Molly is a big fan of Del Mar's beaches!

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