January 2021-Hope for the Caregiver
As we all know 2020 brought many challenges across the world.
Caregivers were impacted immediately. The pandemic raised awareness of the gaps that exist in caregiver supports. The COVID-19 vaccine is in the beginning stages of distribution in Delaware and hope is on the horizon for 2021. Moving forward into this new year, states, senior care industry, advocacy organizations and more are moving towards a focus on how to best serve unpaid caregivers.
HOPE for the Caregiver
A weekly radio show and podcast for Caregivers, by caregivers.
The 2020 Rose Bowl Float was Dedicated to Caregivers
Chris Lofthouse has spent years crafting the intricately decorated and awe-inspiring floats that cascade through Los Angeles on the first day of every year as part of the Rose Parade. Every year the floats are special — but this one felt personal for the president and CEO of Phoenix Decorating Company.
His company was asked by the SCAN Foundation, a charity organization that works to expand improve care for older adults, to build a float that would honor the roughly 41 million family caregivers across the country, and he knew exactly how it should be designed. Lofthouse had cared for his own father in his final year, enabling his dad to live out his days in the comfort of home. During that year, his father often remarked that his “home was his castle.”
The Family Caregiver Alliance- YOUTube Videos
Family Caregiver Alliance | National Center on Caregiving (FCA) is a public voice for caregivers. Our pioneering programs—information, education, services, research and advocacy—support and sustain the important work of families nationwide caring for loved ones with chronic, disabling health conditions.

Featuring videos on caregiving, mindfulness, meditations and other information.
Practicing Mindfulness to Relieve Caregiver Stress
As a caregiver, it is of utmost importance to get a handle on stress before it gets the best of you. One key to avoiding stress: A positive mental attitude. Looking on the bright side won’t stop bad things from happening. But choosing how you react to them can make you feel more in control. Many people find prayer or meditation helpful in fighting stress. Another effective stress-busting tool is the practice of mindfulness.
Celebrity Caregiver Corner

Local Respite Services for Caregivers
Providing care to a loved one with a disability, special need or aging condition often leaves a caregiver feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed. Caregivers occasionally need rest and relief – also known as respite! Respite is a break from caregiving, whether it occurs weekly or sporadically throughout the year, and it’s different for everyone. For all caregivers, however, it allows a chance to take care of yourself.
Delaware's State Plan on Aging
The State Plan has been developed to meet the requirements of the Older Americans Act which provides funding for a variety of programs and services for older Delawareans and their caregivers including supportive services, nutrition programs, disease prevention and health promotion initiatives, elder rights protection activities, and caregiver support programs.

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