A Delayed listing means that there is a valid listing contract between the seller and the listing broker, but the listing is not available for showings.

  • Can you actively market and advertise the listing (i.e. broker sites or third party sites)? YES
  • Can you show the property while in the Delayed status? NO

When entering a new listing, on the Main Fields tab, the first section is Price/Status. To enter a listing as Delayed, click the drop-down menu for Status and select Delayed.




Once you have selected Delayed, the next field requirement is Start Showing Date. The date will default to the current date.
You must change this field to reflect the date the property will be available to show.



NOTE: Showing date information may not be included in the remarks fields.

Listing Agents/Brokers may utilize the 'Showing Instructions" field to include the showing date information if they wish to show this in addition to the Start Showing Date field we have provided.


Continue to enter data on your listing as you normally would.

At any time, you may change a listing from Delayed to Active status using the Start Showing (Active) link under the Status and Price Change section in the Change menu of the listing.



At the 'Change Status to Active' screen, click the 
Next button to complete the change.



NOTE: If you need to change the Start Showing Date, please contact the MLS administrative staff.



Delayed Status field requirements:  

  • There is a new required field called Start Showing Date: this will reflect the the date that showings can begin.

  • Start Showing Date will be searchable from Full/Quick/Map Searches for Delayed status listings

  • Major Change description called No Showings- this is posted beneath the thumbnail for 72 hours


Delayed Status Business Rules:

  • The Delayed status is intended for properties that are scheduled and planned to be marketed on the MLS within 15 days. The Start Showing Date is not allowed to be greater than 15 days beyond the Listing Date.
  • While a listing is in the Delayed status, days on market are not calculated.
  • Once a listing goes from Delayed to Active status, it can never go back to Delayed. 
  • Delayed status listings will not be included on public websites powered by Metro MLS RETS feeds. Delayed listings are not available for anyone, including the listing company, to show. This also means no showings for broker opens or to the public.
  • Delayed status listings are automatically changed from Delayed status to Active based on the Start Showing Date via an automatic process that will run at the beginning of each day.
  • At any time, a Delayed listing can be changed from Delayed to Active by the listing office or member.
  • A delayed status listing requires all the same data requirements to submit an Active listing. This includes uploading a primary photo within 7 days and listing contract within 48 hours. 
  • If it is necessary to change the Start Showing Date, please contact the MLS administration staff for assistance, as they have exclusive permissions to change the showing date.



Any questions, please call the Help Desk at 414.778.5450.
Or e-mail support@metromls.com. You may also follow our updates at http://twitter.com/metromls