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Delayed Monday Musings...

Dearest Friends of The Crafting Cottage,

Apologies for the delay this week.  I received my 2nd Covid booster shot on Sunday. I had gotten most of the Musings typed up and thought I could get it finished by Sunday evening but my left arm (where I received the shot) was so sore, I could not move it anymore.  I started running a fever.  Needless to say, the Musings did not get out on time.

Mother Nature is on a roll. Last week alone, she gave us 80 degree days, frost warnings with temps going down to the 20's, slight snow flurries, rain and just recently an "elevated risk of wildfire spread in Central New York." I actually covered the budding hydrangea bush at the Crafting Cottage the other night when the frost warning was issued.

I'm still waiting to get more estimates for the Cottage to be painted. I signed up with the Angi's List/Home Advisor service and so far I've met with only one painting company.  I really liked the gal I met with.  It's her company - she's new and she really impressed me with her knowledge.  

The first In-Person Workshop since 2019 was held on Saturday. What fun. Pictures and more later in the Musings.

Upcoming classes and workshop news also in this week's Musings.

Anyway - lots of news to share - so on to the Musings....


The stunning album above was created by Sally Clark. 

The new products just arrived on Friday.  I will be offering several classes and kits. 

Remember - it's easy to schedule your own personal shopping appointment!

Email me by clicking HERE!

Retail Shop Musings...

There are many awesome and unique dies, stamps, papers and ribbons, not to mention - embellishments and kits in the retail shop!

*NEW* - A new company has been added to the Crafting Cottage family - "Clear Scraps".

Acrylic Albums, Phone Holders, Tablet Holders and words plus wooden phone holders!!!

* Catherine Pooler Inks, dies & stamps

* WOW Embossing Powders

* Gina K stamps & dies

* Waffle Flower stamps & dies

* Sunny Studio paper pads, stamps & dies

* Echo Park & Carta Bella Collections

* Photo Play stamps, dies & collections

* Ribbon by the Yard

* Unique papers from around the world!

Schedule your private in-person shopping appointment by sending me an email to schedule. CLICK HERE!

The album below was created by Sylvia Blum.  Sooooo many creative ideas!

Crafting Cottage Inn Musings...

The good news is that the Inn has been getting booked almost every weekend. The bad news is several crafters have been disappointed in not being able to book a weekend at the Inn.

Currently, the Labor Day weekend is now available to book, and the Veteran's Day weekend (November 11th). Those are the last two weekends available for this year.

However, week days are also available to be booked which is what a couple of groups have done. If you would like to book a stay at the inn during a weekday (Monday - Thursday), simply email me by clicking here and I can let you know if the Inn is available. Some groups that reserve the Inn choose to arrive a day early or stay a day later - so sometimes, Mondays and Thursdays are not available.


Four new chairs have arrived to replace four current chairs in the main workshop.

I will be offering to sell some of the current chairs.

The new chairs will offer great comfort with the lumbar support, etc..

The current chairs have been in use since 2015 so it was time for a switch out.

Current Schedule at the Crafting Cottage & Inn


Saturday, May 21st - Tuesday, May 24th - Inn is Booked - Marie R. Group

May 25th - June 8th - Crafting Cottage & Inn is Closed

for Vacation

Friday, June 10th - Inn is Booked - Barbara M. Group

 Friday, June 17th - Sunday, June 19th - Inn is Booked for Planning Workshop

Thursday, June 23rd - Monday, June 27th - Inn is Booked - Amy C. Group

June 29th - Inn is Booked - Green & Harter Group


July 29th - July 31st - Inn is Booked - Lori Beth R. Group

August 25th - 28th - Inn is Booked - Hoak, McNair & Perry Group

***Currently, the plans are for the exterior of the Crafting Cottage to be painted and new gutters installed as well as some other much needed maintenance issues addressed in the month of July with "spillover" repairs dealt with in early August. We all know how these things don't always go as planned, MacMahon/Murphy Law and all. *** 

I'm trying to decide on the colors for the Crafting Cottage.  The previous owners went with a taupe accented by forest green which were the colors of their favorite high school.  Many of the rooms inside the Cottage had the forest green colors (which I painted over).

I keep looking at the original colors of the house (via pictures sent to me).

I want to select historical colors.

Decisions.  Decisions....

Workshop Musings...

What a great group of crafters we had on Saturday attending the Farmhouse Summer Workshop.

Two of the ladies, Eileen and Vicky were brand new to the Cottage.  Our veteran, Susan Ferrito rounded out the group.

Here are pictures and details from the workshop:

Kathy, above, learned about the Crafting Cottage from attending the Rubber Stamp & Scrapbook Get Away show in Syracuse.

Eileen has recently moved to our Finger Lakes Area and discovered us via an internet search.

It was so nice to see Susan being able to attend an in-person workshop at the Cottage again.  

I love how the main workshop room has such a serene atmosphere when crafters are focused on working on their projects.

Before the ladies arrived, everything was laid out for them.

The picture above shows the front of Susan's album.

This is the back of her album.

The majority of the workshop was "building" the album.  It involved the cutting and scoring of several sheets of the 80 lb. white cardstock from Echo Park.  

Once the ladies created their album, interior pages and pockets and waterfalls - they were then able to spend time determining how they wanted to choose their patterned papers to decorate the inside of their album.

As I usually do, I encouraged the ladies to select their own choices of patterned papers to decorate their albums.  Eileen decorated the inside of her album using the pattern of lovely wild flowers in a vase as her main choice.

The wonderful aspect of true in-person classes and workshops is the sharing of ideas.  Someone does something, shows the group, and quite often that prompts others to try the idea, too.

The picture below shows Kathy's album interior.  She used the barn doors patterned paper on the front fold-out pages.


This & That Musings...

FYI - Unique products found at The Crafting Cottage can also be found at

The Shoppes at Oldies But Goodies

Carpenter Road

off of Route 352 between Big Flats & Elmira, NY

The hours of operation:

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays: 10 AM - 5 PM

For more information - CLICK HERE!

The Auburn Stamp & Scrapbook Show is taking place again at the Finger Lakes Mall in Auburn, NY. The dates are Friday, May 20th & Saturday, May 21st. For information on vendors, classes, schedule, etc. - click on the link below.

Auburn Stamp & Scrapbook Show Info

Tool Room Musings...

The main Tool Room is located right next to the main Workshop room.  It houses paper punches, thin metal dies, commercial-grade dies, various die-cutting machines, score boards, cutting pads and ample counter space for crafters to work on.

A second room, also known as "The Lounge", houses all the tools and supplies for crafters to do dry embossing, wet embossing, select from over 100 ink pads in various colors, markers, stencils and even relax to read one of the many books or magazines that are in the "library" portion of the Lounge.

There are also cubby holes filled with various colored scraps of paper for crafters to use.  I also started a "Sharing Box" where crafters can take some 12 x 12 papers that they would like to use and also to share any 12 x 12 papers that they no longer need or want.

Exciting Upcoming Workshop


I am very excited to be offering two very different crafting workshops being taught by two incredibly talented Crafting Sisters this coming Fall.

The first workshop will be taking place in September and will be taught by our friend, Diane. She and I have selected several potential projects. In a few weeks, Diane and I will be test driving and finalizing which projects to be offered.  

The picture above shows the "Autumnal" theme that will be a large part of the first of these two workshops. (Projects will be announced in July).

The second workshop will be taking place at the end of October and will be taught by our talented friend, Connie.

There will be limited availability for overnight guests to stay at the Crafting Cottage Inn during these workshop weekends, but information for local hotels will be included.

Registration details will posted in July.

To give you just an idea of what may be offered in the September Workshop - these pictures are from the company, Dream Tree. The projects that will be selected for the workshop will be similar. They will be geared for the season and/or upcoming holidays. They will be dimensional and participants will bring home stunning, stunning projects that they created in the workshop.

For the October workshop, Connie sent me pictures of her completed Multi-Tool Box. It is gorgeous!!!

Connie used the Farmhouse Collection from Graphic 45 to decorate the box as well as all the individual dividers that come with the box.

Participants in this workshop will get to choose their own papers from several companies at the Crafting Cottage. Connie will show how to create customized embellishments and all kinds of wonderful ideas!!!!

Summer Camp In-A-Box Musings...

The irony with summer is one often thinks of the word "outside" attached to it.  As though we are able to do everything outside in the summertime because the weather is warmer than wintertime.  And when we are all so busy doing things outside - who has time to be inside crafting???

However, summertime is also known for rain, thunderstorms, excessive heat and humidity and let's not forget about those lovely flying insects that constantly buzz about our heads.

As such, as I was reading one of my many magazines, I read a fascinating article on "Summer Camps", as reminisced by the author.  She wrote lovingly of the ambiance of the nighttime gathering by the fire pit and sharing stories as the fire crackled and campers made s'mores.  

She also mentioned how much she loved the "Arts & Crafts" part of the camping experience.  There were even pictures of some of the projects she made - over twenty years old - still proudly displayed!  

Too often, I chalk summertime up to a "slow" time for the Crafting Cottage.  People are enjoying the better weather, attending weddings, family reunions, outdoor sports games and traveling.  As a matter of fact, it's during the "slow" months (July, August & January) that I try and focus on maintenance issues at the Cottage.

During the Pandemic "Lock Down" period back in 2020/2021, I created the "Get Me Through the Winter" club for paper crafters.  It was a huge success and it certainly got me through the winter.  I started thinking about what would I create for a summer theme idea for paper crafters similar to the Get Me Through the Winter...

...That's when I came up with the idea of

"Summer Camp In-A-Box for Papercrafters".

The box will be filled with all the materials to create several different projects - all paper crafts.  "Campers" will get to choose from three selections:

  1.  Summer Camp for card makers
  2.  Summer Camp for scrapbookers
  3.  Summer Camp for card makers & scrapbookers

"Campers" will also get to choose how many boxes they wish to receive - one or two.  The first box arrives in July and the second box arrives in August.

So, on those rainy, humid, buggy summer days when crafters are "stuck inside" all day, they can turn to their Summer Camp In-A-Box and work on as many of the awesome projects they want.

In addition to all the paper, ribbon, embellishments, adhesive and various products included in each box - there will also be some wonderful "Summer Camp" Inspired goodies in each box, too!

Campers will be encouraged to "Show & Tell" their completed projects via photos which I will then share via the Musings and on the Crafting Cottage's Facebook Page.

Pictures of the Summer Camp-In-A-Box offerings will be in next week's Musings as well as Registration for Camp information!!!

Personal Musings...

It's interesting how my body reacts to the Covid vaccines and boosters.  The very first dose did nothing to me.  The second dose knocked me out for over 24 hours.  The first booster shot knocked me out - again - for nearly 24 hours.  The second booster shot also walloped me.  However, I took it all as very good signs that my body was doing what it was supposed to do.  I will easily go through 24 hours of chills, fever, aches and exhaustion over what could happen to me if I don't go through these vaccines.

And so, I am pondering paint collections.  Historical colors for the Cottage?  Classic?  Bold and Bright????

Here are some of the combinations I've looked at:

This combination has the main color of sage with darker sage shutters and accents done in a burgundy/maroon color.  The columns and other areas are done in a cream color.

The sample below is done basically in a light sage with cream accents.  Aren't the flowers stunning???? 

The house above looks so similar to the Crafting Cottage.  It does not have shutters.  I like the porch and posts done in the cream color.  I think the main color of the house is grey.

I do like the pop of color the burgundy color brings.  I just need to make a decision that will honor the house.

I have probably ruled out the following three samples of color combinations...

...Or have I??????????

Have an imaginative week of creativity.  Stay safe.  Stay healthy.  Stay strong. Stay in touch.

As always - Stay Crafty My Friends!!!!!!!