Delayed status is now live and available for use in FlexMLS. A Delayed listing means that there is a valid listing contract between the seller and the listing broker, but the listing is not available for showings. For more details regarding the business rules for Delayed status, please review the Delayed Listing Status Flex Tip.


The Delayed status field requirements are as follows:


When entering a new listing, on the Main Fields tab, the first section is Price/Status. To enter a listing as Delayed, click the drop-down menu for Status and select Delayed.



Once you have selected Delayed, the next field requirement is Start Showing Date. The date will default to the current date. You must change this field to reflect the date the property will be available to show.



NOTE: Showing date information may not be included in the remarks fields. Listing Agents/Brokers may utilize the "Showing Instructions" field to include the showing date information if they wish to show this in addition to the showing date field we have provided. 


Continue to enter data on your listing as you normally would. 



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