September 14, 2018 - Issue 18-36

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Delegation...A major part of every leader's life.

Karyn Chylewski offers some tips on how to do it most effectively, and how to avoid some common pitfalls. I made Karyn's  acquaintance on LinkedIn a few months ago, and we've heard from her before. I find her ideas mesh well with mine in many areas.

Karyn makes some great points about how to delegate properly. This makes the experience positive for everyone involved. 

You get the job you want done.
The employee learns something new and has the fulfillment of accomplishing something he or she didn't know about before. 
The whole organization is improved because you now have a more capable, more engaged employee. 

Be sure to listen to the less-than-4-minute video at the end of the essay. It's an important part of Karyn's message.

Some specific guidelines she offers are:
  • Decide and be clear about what you want the outcomes to be, as to:
    • The task.
    • New learning for the employee.
  • Invite questions. The employee, excited about the new responsibility, may be embarrassed to ask the questions he or she inevitably has, and needs answered.
  • Let go of "how"! Invite the employee to be creative and use his or her ingenuity.
  • Invite feedback. Give feedback.

Throughout, Karyn offers many insights into the benefits of doing this right, and the frustrating experience it can be for all when it's done carelessly or insensitively. I won't steal more of her thunder than I already have. I highly recommend you read - and listen to - her.


John Stevens

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