Dear Customers,

Managed Care Consultants of Florida, Inc. is excited to announce that we have been approved by multiple health plans to perform Delegated Credentialing. This will mean a more streamlined, efficient, and faster process for contracting our clients with certain payers.


As part of our delegated responsibilities, MCCFL will be credentialing our clients in-house. This will require completion of an MCCFL credentialing application. Over the next few months, we will be reaching out to each facility’s administrator or executive director to review, complete, and sign an MCCFL application.


Upon approval by our Delegated Credentialing Committee, clients will be submitted to certain health plans for addition to their networks. Clients will be notified separately of specific network participation status. 


PLEASE NOTE: Completing an application does NOT mean you automatically become contracted with a particular company, you will still be in charge of letting MCCFL know whether or not you want to participate with the payors. Our MCO approval process remains the same, meaning your organization will still have the authority to determine participation status.


If you have further questions regarding this process, please reach out to the MCCFL Credentialing Department.


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