Oh happy day! The sun is shining, and the snow last week didn't hurt the daffodils at all! I keep peeking out my windows to see them as I pack more and more boxes. I can't believe I'm leaving next week, and I'm not ready yet! EEK! Just so you know, the office IS packed, so if you order anything that needs to be shipped, I won't be able to mail it to you till I get unpacked in a few weeks! 😉 I'm only taking a few things in the car with me, and the Daffodil Makeup Bag is one of them.
This pretty spring makeup bag will be big enough to pack all the things I need to show myself in public! It has tons of pockets in different sizes, so I'll be able to pack a bunch of other stuff in it, too. It can be folded for travel, or you can hang it up for easy access to all the goodies inside! The Daffodil Makeup Bag is on sale this week.
This pretty pillow will meet me in SC, as it's already packed and waiting for the truck! This is an old picture of my helper taking his afternoon nap with the Wide Vines pillow last year. Those fangs make me giggle!
Wide Vines includes 5 sweet borders, and they each come in two different lengths. This set is on sale all week.
I'll also take one of my cheerful Flirty Purses for the quick breaks I know I'll need for the long drive. Coffee, candy, and more candy should help me stay awake! Flirty Purses will be on sale until next Friday.
I'll be leaving my daffodils behind (I'm not sure, but I think they're done blooming in SC), but when the truck arrives with all my stuff, I'll unpack this pretty pillow I made for my new house. Want to make one, too? The Daffodil Applique is free for all of you! Make sure to download it before Friday night (4/23).
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Spooky and I are off to finish packing - keep your fingers crossed that we'll have everything ready to go by next week! Only 9 days till I see my house for the first time! I can't wait to see many of you there. Thank you all so much for your lovely emails and good wishes!!