issue: 82
December 2016
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In this issue:

Nielson Highlights Grocery Retail Trends
Top-performing fresh retailers have top performing sales across the whole store, and grocers should be looking to their example of how to push perimeter excitement into center store noted Sherry Frey, Nielson SVP of product leadership during a recent Nielson Consumer 360 Conference during talks with Progressive Grocer.

"It's about making that connection - you can't look at products in isolation," said Frey.

To be sure, grocers need to be stripping away the traditional boundaries between departments to more effectively deliver the solutions that shoppers demand. Numerous store categories possess inherent connectivity with others throughout the store to address many consumers need states. Growth in the perimeter has been running around 6 percent over the last few years, versus 2 percent in center store, so stretching that halo is key to boosting storewide success. And fresh-centric stores over-index with younger multicultural shoppers.

"Retailers doing the best are connecting their entire store," Frey said, noting the main growth areas for produce are in flavor, health and wellness, and convenience, including snacking formats and ready-to-cook items.
Frey said grocers need to create a destination experience in the perimeter that includes meal solutions, interactivity and "food theater."

Jordan Rost, Nielsen's VP of U.S. consumer insights, noted the ongoing focus on health in light of emerging food labeling regulations. "It's really nothing new," Rost told Progressive Grocer "It's part of the larger context of consumers leading the shift toward health and wellness. This shift is classic disruption." Consumers' focus on health is rooted in several key motivations, among them the rising cost of health care, easy access to information and a desire to "own your health."

Winning trends in grocery retail: fresh, natural and convenient, with biggest growth coming in categories including fresh meat, produce, value-added fruit and packaged salads. Meanwhile, declines are being seen in categories like milk, bacon, ready-to-eat cereal, soft drinks and processed lunchmeat.

Harold Edwards Featured in Snack Magazine

Snack Magazine is an upscale editorial product produced by the same talented team behind ANUK (And Now You Know). It's read by industry professionals and appreciated for it production values, sophisticated slant and clever graphics.

This month's cover story features Limoneira CEO, Harold Edwards with an in-depth interview on the impetus and implementation of Limoneira's One World of Citrus ™ model. Stay tuned, once the publication hits the stands we'll bring Harold's interview to you on Limoneira's blog.
Limoneira Featured in Produce Retailer - California Citrus Issue

PR Produce Retailer provides executives, senior managers and produce buyers engaged in the retailing of fresh produce and related products with critical information that increases understanding of consumer use and purchasing habits. Produce Retailer magazine reaches the most retail produce decision makers of any publication serving the retail and grocery industries.

This issue featured several important topics including the Company's new sustainability Initiatives.

Limoneira is a leader in growing sustainably (view Limoneira's sustainability matrix here) and recently announced two new sustainable projects including the inauguration of a new ecological waste water treatment facility. The project treats waste water from Limoneira's work force housing units and packing operations.

Utilizing gravity, the untreated water flows through a series of ponds which contain plant material to filter out impurities. The project reduces the need for ground water pumping and has a much smaller carbon footprint. The 24,000 square foot project processes 180,000 gallons of water daily. The recycled water from this project meets stringent regulatory requirements monitored by the State of California's Department of Health Services and is treated to the State of California Title 22 standards for tertiary (advanced) treatment of water.

This past summer Limoneira also began using solar energy at its Porterville Ranch, part of the Company's northern California operations. In 2008, Limoneira unveiled its first solar facility at its headquarters in Santa Paula to provide energy for its packing operations. The following year, additional solar capacity was added at the Company's northern farming operations at Ducor Ranch. At the time, Harold Edwards, Limoneira's CEO, said, "Clean solar energy is positive for our Company, the communities in which we operate and for our planet. These projects are the right thing to do, and they've been successful."

Limoneira is generating clean energy and capturing savings. As energy costs continue to rise, the Company has locked in electrical rates. The projects reduce their electrical costs from Southern California Edison by approximately 70%. Mark Palamountain, Senior Director of Agricultural Operations, said, "Limoneira's solar facilities are capable of producing 3,900 megawatt hours annually or 97,500 MW over a 25-year period which equates to a reduction of 64,000 tons of CO2 emissions."

Have Happy Holidays with Lemons

Limoneira spokesperson Megan Roosevelt explores easy ways to use lemons to add some zest to your holiday festivities
It's December, and the holidays are here. This month, Limoneira spokesperson and founder of Healthy Grocery Girl Megan Roosevelt is excited to share some easy, DIY ways to decorate the home with citrus, as well as a delicious beverage recipe to help comfort and nourish the body when the weather gets chilly. While perhaps an unorthodox holiday choice, incorporating citrus into the season's décor and menu will be sure to leave a healthy and delightful impression on holiday guests and loved ones alike.
For a demonstration, you can view Megan detail her thankful tips and recipes below.

DIY Orange Citrus Garland - Perfect for hanging on the mantle, or anywhere else in the home!
  • Dried Limoneira orange slices
  • Twine
Directions: Poke two holes in the top of each orange slice. Then, simply weave the twine between the holes so that all of the slices are facing the same direction. Hang your garland over the fireplace mantle and enjoy.
Citrus Place Cards - Simple and fun touch for any holiday party's dinner table!

  • Limoneira citrus fruit of choice
  • Strips of parchment paper
  • Twine
  • Name Tags
Directions: Wrap strips of parchment paper around each fruit, and fasten loose ends at the top with a piece of twine. Write name of each guest on the name tags and fasten to the top of the fruit with the end of the twine - each name tag will look like a tiny, citrus-flavored present to get guests into the holiday spirit!
Hot Lemon Water - Sometimes, simplicity truly is key when the weather turns cold. Lemon water is the easiest way to keep warm and to nourish your body and spirit this winter.
  • Limoneira Meyer lemon slices
  • Boiling water
Directions: Boil water. Slice a Limoneira lemon thinly, and place the slices in your favorite mug. Add water and enjoy, any time of day or night.
Each month, Megan will be featuring another wonderful facet of lemon living. Subscribe to Limoneira's Youtube channel for more information on the many ways this endlessly versatile fruit can improve life inside the home and beyond.
SNEAK PEEK - January 2017 - After the holidays, it's time to get back on track. Fresh citrus is one of the healthiest items in the grocery produce aisle. Check out our easy health tips. Tea with lemon is the perfect way to relax and get health benefits.  She'll also share easy citrus tips for each month throughout 2017.

About Megan Roosevelt and Healthy Grocery Girl®

Megan Roosevelt is an internationally published author, cooking show host and producer as well as a nutrition expert for regional and national television and magazines. In addition to being a plant-based Registered Dietitian, Roosevelt through Healthy Grocery Girl® provides her extensive audience with on-line cooking videos and says "I love helping people get healthy in ways that are realistic and fun".

Roosevelt is the spokesperson for Limoneira's Lemons for Life™ campaign and says "As one of the largest growers of lemons in the United States, the partnership with Limoneira made a great deal of sense", she said. "It's synergistic. We all know that lemons are among the healthiest products people can integrate into their diets". Lemons for Life ™ highlights a variety of ways that lemons can be integrated into consumer's lives. These include recipes, natural cleaning, beauty and health tips as well as lifestyle applications.

article5Limoneira Misfits, One World of Citrus and 2017 Promotional Calendar in Packer Food Service Issue

Three important topics for Limoneira's food service customers will be covered in The Packer's Food Service Edition in December. For those in the industry, The Packer is the fresh fruit and vegetable business's leading source for news, information and analysis and has been reporting weekly about the industry since 1893. This important media outlet is the go-to-voice for fresh fruit and vegetable growers, packers, and shippers; produce retailers; foodservice distributors; fresh-cut processors; wholesale produce distributors, and allied product and service providers.

Limoneira Lemon Misfits™

Limoneira's Lemon Misfits™ are packed with juice and perfect for our food service partners and have a customer friendly price point. The misfit label is a tongue in cheek reference to their having a little scarring from wind in the orchards. We're playing on this fact by identifying them as orchard outcasts with great personalities. After all, we all know that beauty is only skin deep. Lemon Misfits™ come in a variety of sizes and packaging/pallet configurations. As the largest vertically integrated lemon provider in the U.S, we have the ability to create programs for our customers more easily than others.

One World of Citrus™

Limoneira Co. began a direct sales program for its lemons six years ago, and is now making oranges and other citrus varieties available using its own label. In addition to navel and Valencia oranges, Limoneira will market cara cara navels, moro blood oranges, limes, pummelos and star ruby grapefruit in Limoneira cartons.

Cecelia Packing Corp., Orange Cove, California began packing Limoneira oranges and specialty citrus starting with the new navel season. Its facility in Orange Cove is near Limoneira groves that produce these varieties. Limoneira has always grown navels and specialties that had been packed and marketed by others. But customers have requested the other citrus varieties, and at the same time we've wanted to grow within the products we currently offer.

The expanded marketing effort aligns with the company's One World Citrus™ program which encompasses what Limoneira is doing with citrus globally. This ties in the various items that Limoneira grows and markets and more importantly, it involves sourcing from multiple locations around the world to provide customers with year-round citrus, regardless of their market."

Limoneira has been packing lemons at its Santa Paula headquarters in a new 92,000-square-foot packinghouse that recently opened. Limoneira also grows in Arizona, where it owns land and has associated producers. We're a year-round U.S. lemon shipper and we have investments as well in a packinghouse in Chile, and we work out of Argentina and South Africa.
Limoneira Chef and Mixologist Global Opinion Leaders

December is all about festive food and drinks and Limoneira's talented global opinion leaders are world-class at creating the best in food and drinks for the holidays. We highlight some of them here:

Walter Pintus - London

Following extensive experience at some of the world's best hotels and resorts such as One Aldwych, the Grand Hotel Villa D'Este, at the Ritz London Walter Pintus became one of the leading bartenders at the Connaught Hotel. Pintus has become one of the best cocktail specialist's in London and the imagination, creativity, inventiveness and passion he puts into his drinks is both genuine & first class. Coupled with a fantastic character, welcoming attitude and a very down to earth affability, he makes every customer feel at ease & comfortable very quickly. At the hub of Mayfair Village since the early part of the 19th century, The Connaught has evolved into a hotel where heritage meets the ultimate modernity, whose English charm and refined elegance remain unchanged have made The Connaught an exceptional choice for the most discerning guest.

Jun Wu - Shanghai

Born in Guangzhou and raised in Los Angeles, Executive Chef Jun Wu's culinary passion began through private catering experiences in the United States. He then continued his journey by traveling to Hong Kong to launch his own private kitchen. While there, he competed and won 1st place in a television cooking competition "The Amazing Food Challenge", featured on the Asian Food Channel/ Food Network.

Jun Wu then opened Amuse, his restaurant in the renowned G-Luxe hotel in Shanghai which is co-owned and operated with his wife Priscilla Young, a talented journalist. Jun is currently collaborating with renowned designer Nicole Teng of Brut Cake and Graz Wang of MQ Coffee to form a comprehensive lifestyle café, called Brut Cake Café.

Luís Santos - Sintra Portugal

Chef Luís Santos is the owner and Executive Chef of INcomum in Sintra Portugal. He began his career at the Hotel Du Rhone in Switzerland, as an assistant to Giles Dupond, the celebrated chef from Lyon d'Or in Geneva. Chef Santos is shaking up the scene in Sintra with his modern upgrades to Portuguese cuisine, served amid the muted greys and greens of his synchronic dining room. INcomum quickly established itself as the anti-traditional choice among serious foodies.

Vitalli Maleshv - St. Petersburg Russia

Vitalli Maleshv is the principal bartender at the Demetra Art Hotel in St. Petersburg Russia. In addition to crafting his delightful cocktails, he is a successful DJ and loves to travel. He's also a history buff and says that the hotel has a wonderful history. It's on the historical heritage list of the Russian Federation. It was built in 1913 by architect, Wilhelm Van Der Gjuht known for his eclecticism and modern architectural style at the beginning of the 20th century and stands at 44 Vostanija Street. Maleshv's cocktails combine sophisticated trends discovered from his travels with exotic ingredients.

Antonio Lai - Hong Kong

Hong Kong native Antonio Lai has traveled the globe to work as a bartender, cadging knowledge and techniques along the way before returning home as the inspiration and co-owner of Quinary, Origin, and The Envoy, three cocktail lounges in the expensive and prestigious Mid-Levels residential area. Lai has worked in Beijing, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, London and Paris. At Quinary, the focus is in classic cocktails balanced with some interesting molecular concoctions. For example, the Earl Grey Caviar Martini, one of their most popular drinks, uses a gastronomy method with caviar and air. Lai's Origin cocktail lounge is a creative hybridization of "original" and "gin" and the focus is on concoctions with distilled gin infused with great Asian influences such as shiso, lemongrass, cucumber coriander, grapefruit and more.

Catalina Ispas - Chicago

The ROOF at The Wit in Chicago has been proclaimed one of the three top rooftop lounges in the world by Travel + Leisure Magazine. A glamorous, 7,000 square foot escape on the 27th floor of the Wit, ROOF has earned international praises for its gorgeous design, sweeping views of Chicago, entertainment programming and expressive hand-crafted cocktails and cuisine.

Catalina Ispas, one of the Roof's talented bartenders surveys the crowd on a busy evening and doesn't miss a beat. She's on her game, polished and professional and even though the crowd is clamoring three deep at the bar, she smiling. "I love what I do" says Catalina, "this is a great place to bartend. There's really nothing like it. We have a retractable roof and the ambinance here is amazing". We concur and compliment her on the amazing cocktails she's creating.

Brian Leon - Malibu

General Manager Brian Leon surveys the evening buzz at the 6,800 square foot jewel that is Nobu Mailibu.

After eight years of working for this celebrated establishment, Leon has seen quite a bit, especially given the heady atmosphere of Malibu. Regulars like Robert Downey Jr., Courteney Cox, Mel Gibson, Nicole Richie, and Pink love the vibe and "Paparazzi-free" calm. They also love Executive Chef Gregorio Stephenson's tiradito, black cod with miso, and mini-tacos. "We tend to stick to the staples every time we go," says Rande Gerber, who has been frequenting Nobu with wife Cindy Crawford for more than a decade.

In addition to Leon's capable management of this well-oiled machine, he's a talented mixologist and enjoys the creativity of conjuring up new concoctions. He notes that "it's relaxing and enables me to be inventive". As he looks out past the crowd at the setting sun, you can see that he's completely in his element.

Greg Murphy - Santa Barbara

Chef Murphy began his career at the Wine Cask, worked under Chef John Pettitt at Seagrass Restaurant and took over the reins at Bouchon Santa Barbara in 2010. Chef Murphy recognizes that today's diners expect more than great food. "Presentation and flavor are obviously essential to a fine meal but a truly memorable dining experience includes a thoughtful wine list, great ambience and warm, friendly service."

Bouchon is one of Santa Barbara's most acclaimed restaurants where the focus is on fresh, local ingredients, prepared with care, and excellent wines that reflect the quality and character of the Santa Barbara region and work in concert with the cuisine. The restaurant offers a warm, inviting ambience with engaging service at a relaxed, leisurely pace. Ingredients are sourced using a "as-fresh-and-as-local-as-possible" approach, with fish from the Santa Barbara Channel and produce from the surrounding countryside.

Lorenzo Hwang - Seoul

The JW Seoul, owned by the Diageo Asia Pacific group was opened after successful launches in Shanghai and Beijing. It's in the luxury retail district of Cheongdam which is known for its leading edge fashion and lifestyle trends. The JW Seoul offers consumers custom experiences in the world of whisky. Six floors of elegance and style, provides VIP guests with distinctive and exclusive luxury whisky experiences from specialized retail, bespoke blending, whisky and cocktail classes and whisky bar culture. The House is dedicated to providing every single guest with an unprecedented luxury whisky experience.

Chef Lorenzo Hwang has got a great background and skill set. He gained experience at La Peca, a 2 Michelin star restaurant in Italy and graduated from the famous Italian cuisine school ALMA, Italy. His focus is on European based cuisine with an overlay of Asian flavor and his technique and creativity enabled him to become the chef of JW Seoul-his love of whiskey and food pairing has endeared him to Seoul based celebrities.

Megan McCarthy - Atlanta

Megan McCarthy is a culinary talent with a motivating vision for simple, fresh and delicious recipes with a tantalizing flair. Her creative culinary experience and enthusiasm brings healthy food to life. As a healthy lifestyle consultant, spokesperson and chef, she is the Atlanta Botanical Garden's Edible Garden Chef, creating culinary delights freshly harvested right out of the edible garden. She also teaches healthy cooking and lifestyle classes at Whole Foods Markets and the Cook's Warehouse in Atlanta as well as Lunch & Learns for corporate wellness programs across the country.

Her recipes have been featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Edible Atlanta, Flavors and Best Self Atlanta magazines. She is featured regularly on HLN's Weekend Express with her unique and healthy perspective on food as well as Lifetime TV's The Balancing Act. For her current recipes and classes, go to

Regina Schauerte - San Francisco

Regina Schauerte is the bar manager at Cala, one of San Franciso's happening new restaurants. Cala's minimalist aesthetic with vaulted, skylight-dotted ceilings, a planter box full of climbing vines, and lots of light wood provide a rustic-urban feel. The seafood-centric menu offers interesting takes on traditional dishes; the skylights, high ceiling and whitewashed walls give the space an airy feel to accommodate the buzzy crowd. Schauerte honed her craft at BlackBird, a great San Francisco neighborhood bar. Schauerte believes that ingredients for a good bartender are equal parts empathy, patience and a sense of humor. Her humility and down-to-earth quality belie her extensive knowledge of her chosen craft. Asked about her favorite drink to make, Regina says that "all of our drinks are pretty labor-intensive. A lot of muddling, shaking, stirring are involved. I came up with a new drink which has gin, quince jam, lemon, celery shrub and topped with pilsner beer. It's fresh and vibrant".

Sebastian Sundqvist - Stockholm

Sebastian Sundqvist is mixologist extraordinaire at Grodan (The Frog), a sophisticated French Brasserie in Stockholm. With white linen table cloths, a menu that invites both gourmands and gourmets and a history that dates back to 1892, it's Stockholm sophistication at its best and original paintings from the late 19th century adorn the walls just above the heads of the always stylish guests.

Sundqvist's manner is casual and professional as he mixes a steady stream of impressive cocktails for thirsty diners. He mixes it up in life too with pursuits in fitness, Thai boxing, golf and travel and has worked for Aquavit, Brasserie Godot in Stockholm, Hugo's Lounge and The Goldfish in Sydney, Australia.
Limoneira Elects Betsy Blanchard Chess to Board of Directors

Limoneira Company (the "Company" or "Limoneira") (NASDAQ: LMNR) announced today that Betsy Blanchard Chess has been elected to the Company's Board of Directors.

Chess is currently the Director of Development, Museum of Ventura County. Prior to this, she was the Editor and Publisher of Central Coast Farm and Ranch Magazine and the Executive Director of the New West Symphony.
She has received a number of awards including the 2014 Volunteer of the Year for Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, the 2014 Ventura County Star 25 over 50, and an Art Star in Education award from the Ventura County Arts Council. She is a descendant of Nathan Blanchard, one of Limoneira's founders.

She received her Master's Degree in European History from The University of Southern California.

"We are honored to have Betsy join the Limoneira Board of Directors" said Gordon Kimball, Chairman. "She has strong core values and a real passion for Limoneira, its history and its culture. She brings a fresh new perspective to the board, and I am looking forward to working with her in the coming years."
"Betsy is a gifted professional" said Harold Edwards, Limoneira's CEO. "She's respected throughout the region for her many accomplishments, and we're excited to have her passion and expertise on our Board".

"This storied Company has become an agricultural powerhouse, and I'm thrilled to join the board" said Chess. "Limoneira has an exciting future, and I look forward to making a contribution".
Holiday Gifts - OFGB and Limoneira Lifestyles

Limoneira Lifestyles is a celebration of the best in 124 years of sustainable California agriculture. Our ranch headquarters in the Santa Clara River Valley (affectionately known around here as the Heritage Valley) offers some of the most spectacular scenery and beauty in the world. As the largest growers of lemons and avocados in the United States, we have a great deal of experience in sustainable agriculture, and we take pride in treading lightly on the land. Over a century of farming has enabled us to make significant strides in water conservation, soil enrichment, green waste recycling and the use of beneficial insects to create a natural, healthy growing environment. Our solar orchards harness the sun for clean energy and our research on new citrus varieties keeps us at our industry's cutting edge.

Our company principles influence the selection of every Limoneira Lifestyle product we offer- a respect for the past, with an eye towards a sustainable future; an appreciation for the land and all things that make our communities better places to live.

Check out our selection of Orchard Fresh Gift Baskets and Limoneira Lifestyle Products here. Perfect for friends and family this holiday season.
December Digital Ads Connect to Festive Recipes and Décor Ideas

Each month, Limoneira graphics are switched out to reflect topical themes. These graphics appear in industry websites and are clickable to Limoneira content on Limoneira's website and blog. Additionally, millions of Limoneira ad impressions are made monthly through Google and appear on content related to the use of lemons on websites in five content arenas: recipes, lifestyle, beauty, health and green cleaning.
2017 Citrus for Life™ Promotional Calendar - The World of Citrus Throughout the Year

Promoting Limoneira customers and their marketing efforts.

It's all complimentary and value added for our grocery and food service partners:
  • Promotional videos for their shoppers and guests
  • One million consumers geographically deployed for their initiatives
  • National blogger network
  • Opinion leaders in Health, Beauty, Culinary, Green Cleaning
  • Robust social marketing
  • In-store/unit merchandising

After the holidays, it's time to get back on track. Fresh citrus is one of the healthiest items in the grocery produce aisle. Check out our easy health tips. Tea with lemon is the perfect way to relax and get health benefits. 


February is the month of love and beauty, and citrus provides a number of benefits for skin and hair. Couples can enjoy lemon drop martinis and learn how to create eye-catching complexions.


Spring is just around the corner and consumers around the world are opening windows, shaking out the dust and setting up the shine. Natural green cleaning solutions have become increasingly popular. Don't toss that citrus after its added zip to the recipes. It still a green clean machine!


Limoneira celebrates Earth Day this month, and our sustainably grown citrus has been grown using solar energy, water saving strategies, beneficial insects and mulch. They're picked and harvested by employees that have access to good housing and educational opportunities.


Where would we all be without Mom and this month we celebrate her. We offer time-saving tips and great recipes to allow her more "me-time".


Graduation means accomplishment and perhaps additional skill attainment. In June we take a look at the changing world of agriculture and careers that are possible in feeding the world. We also celebrate Dad's for Father's Day with Citrus BBQ and other tips.


Summer offers infinite possibilities for in-nature pursuits. BBQs, al fresco dining, hikes and bike-rides are just a few ways to enjoy the season, and we offer easy, delicious ways that citrus can add to the fun.


This month we celebrate Global International Youth Month and three great lemon holidays: National Lemonade Day, National Lemon Juice Day and for our pie passionate friends, Lemon Meringue Day. Lemon Up!


Mom has a lot on her plate in her role as chief Household Officer-We make it easy for her this month with some great tips for easy/tasty/nutritious kid's lunches.


How about enjoying a piece of Citrus Pumpkin Pie with Grand Marnier cream and a glass of Pumpkin Smash by the fire while trick or treaters are out and about. Autumn is ghoulishly good and in October we feature a number of delicious fall citrus recipes.


From appetizers, entrees, drinks and desserts, we have a lot of great recipes to be thankful for.


Wreaths with citrus, aromatic candles and citrus yule ideas-From decorating the tree, setting a creative table and enjoying traditional food faves with a new twist, our team offers a number of great citrus lifestyle tips.
article11Limoneira Lifestyles in 805 Living and Ventana

This holiday season, Limoneira lifestyles is appearing in 805 Living and Ventana. Two great regional publications.

805 Living is a high-end regional lifestyle magazine that combines the best of both worlds: the quality and style of a national publication with smart, locally relevant actionable editorial. Their focus highlights the vibrant communities of western Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties.

Ventana Monthly includes a variety of lifestyle topics and is distributed to relatively affluent residents of Ventura County. Their editorial is sophisticated and tightly focused.
Limoneira Winner's Block

This month our lucky winner is Natalie McMenamin Quincy, Massachusetts. As our monthly winner,  Natalie  has won a Limoneira Orchard Fresh or Lifestlyes Gift.  Congratulations  Natalie !!!

For your chance to win, make sure you're on our mailing list to be entered into our monthly drawing. To join  click here  or visit our website at

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