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Friday, December 14, 2018
The leftists in politics are crying out for justice. They say it's the public's right to know about all of President Donald Trump's business dealings. The latest headline is that federal prosecutors are investigating Trump's inauguration committee because they think it took illegal foreign donations for access to the incoming White House. It has been documented that Hillary Clinton sold access for donations to the Clinton Foundation. It also was documented that the immediate past "president" took vast amounts of illegal money from foreign donors. None of this mattered to anyone. In fact, when citizens watchdog Judicial Watch sought the information, Clinton said the public did not have the right to know.
In response to Judicial Watch's investigative bulldogging on Clinton's email illegalities and Benghazi negligence, Bloomberg reported in June 2016 that Clinton's campaign spokesman Nick Merrill said  that Judicial Watch "represents everything that is wrong with our political system...Manufacturing wrongdoing has been central to their singular agenda since their inception. Worse, they do this by clogging up the courts at the expense of tens of millions of tax-payer dollars. Justice is the last thing they seek. They are only interested in headlines, and have made a complete mockery of our system. And if you want proof, just look at this latest round of leaks that are contradicted by their own transcripts. It's truly disgraceful."
Let's break this statement down. A spokesman for Hillary Clinton said holding her accountable "represents everything that is wrong with our political system." Clinton also believes that her email scandal and her calloused negligence and lying in the Benghazi catastrophe is the product of Judicial Watch "manufacturing wrongdoing." Clinton blamed Judicial Watch for "clogging up the courts" at tax-payers expense when in reality it has been Clinton's refusal to cooperate with both federal authorities and the public's right to know that has clogged up the courts and cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. Clinton accused Judicial Watch of making a complete mockery of our system, but her personal attacks and denials are at the center of this mockery. Clinton said justice is the last thing Judicial Watch seeks, when Clinton herself avoided justice.
Fast forward to today when every leftist, every Democrat, every mainstream news media is demanding the public know the very things they upheld Clinton saying the public had no right to know. They accuse Trump and his campaign of everything that they did and are doing and, at the time, held that they should not be accountable for their deeds. Yet Trump should be held accountable. As Christian Americans, we need to be aware of this and weigh it every time we see such headlines. All these politicians should be held accountable. We do have a right to know. Don't be deceived by their words. Psalm 120:2 says, " Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue." And Psalm 31:18 says, "Let the lying lips be put to silence; which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous." May it be so.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson


Caring for those even the Church ignores: 
The Disabled in Ghana

By Pastor William Agbeti

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UN figures put persons living with disabilities in the world at 20% of the global population. 80% of this number can be found in developing countries. In Ghana alone, there are some 3 million persons living with various forms of disabilities. 
Our Ghana ministry serves where others will not.This two-day residential program for children with disabilities provide food, clothing and recreation

Their plight is demoralizing. Many in the Ghanaian society consider them taboos. Scores of local churches have not opened their doors to them. Several families neglect their disabled children, to fend for themselves. Sadly, some communities go to the extreme to put a newly born disabled child into a mortar and use a pestle to pound it to death, with the belief that their souls will not return to the communities again. In the main, the disabled are ostracized from the society. Only a handful of homes, families and communities treat them with a modicum of respect and acceptance. Read the rest of the story by clicking here

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