Dear Asbury Friends,

Every Monday at 1 pm, members of the Asbury and ACC (Asbury Children's Center) staff meet to talk about what is happening in the church for the upcoming week.  Our conversation was focused on what we need to do to best respond to the current coronavirus outbreak in our world. Here are the decisions that we made together:
  • Both the Saturday and Sunday worship services, along with all church activities, have been canceled until further notice.  We will continue to monitor recommendations by the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) as we make a decision about re-opening the church.  We want to honor the expertise of people at the CDC and their knowledge in leading us through this difficult time.
  • For now, the ACC is open, but they are encouraging any other students who are able to stay home with parents to please do so.  Reducing the number of children in the ACC will decrease the likelihood of the virus being spread.
  • Worship service will be available online on Saturdays at 5 pm.  I invite you to view the service, which will have prayers, music, and a sermon, at whatever time you typically worship.  Our online service will be available on our Facebook page and on our Asbury website at
  • Rev. Lee Johnson and I continue to be available to provide pastoral care to our Asbury members.  We invite you to call, text, or email us with any of your pastoral care needs.  Lee can be reached at 913-909-1573 and/or and Gayla can be reached at 913-433-4444 and/or
  • The staff had an extended conversation about the continued needs of people in our community for food.  We talked about how difficult it is for people to access that food, especially with so many places that have been forced to close.  We decided that we are going to set food - mainly, canned soup and other canned food - outside, by the main entrance to the church.  We are inviting people, using the honor system, to come by and pick up food if they are in need or drop off canned food for others to pick up.
This weekend in worship, I'm going to be preaching from Psalm 34, which is "a psalm of praise for deliverance from trouble."  This is certainly a word that we need to hear in these difficult times.  We are not alone.  God is with us.  And we can trust in the God who is love that will not let us go.

I look forward to sharing worship with you this weekend...

Feeding Kansas Kids During COVID-19 with Kansas Appleseed
Children in Kansas need adequate nutrition for their physical and mental development.  School meals are critical for so many of us, our families, and our neighbors.  Thanks to leadership of the Kansas Department of Education, Kansas has been approved to use the summer meal program to continue food service when schools close due to COVID-19.

Sponsors, including schools and community organizations, can serve meals at approved sites while schools are closed.  Program sponsors may apply to waive the congregate feeding requirements so kids can pick up to-go meals (and in some cases breakfast for the next morning).

How Kids Receive Meals:

Children 18 and under can receive a free, nutritious meal at participating locations.  The Kansas State Dept. of Education is working "full-speed ahead" in approving waivers, programs, and sites, with many schools and sponsors already approved for operation.  Look to your local summer meal sponsor or school district to find out if they are participating and when and where kids can receive their meals.

How You Can Help:

In the last few days, we have seen advocates across the state come together to ensure Kansas kids still have access to the nutritious food they need to thrive during these uncertain times.  Contact your local meal sponsor ( click here for link ) to see if they are participating and if they need volunteers (whether that means helping to raise awareness and beyond).
Hunger Doesn't End When School's Out:
Each year, sponsor organizations, sites, and volunteers feed thousands of children across Kansas through the Summer Food Service Program, which provides free, healthy meals to kids in low-income areas when school's out.  If you want to continue to raise awareness about these important programs feeding Kansas kids, please join our Hunger Action Team at
**Note:  We are still listing outside events for the time being.   
If you have any questions about possible cancellations due to coronavirus,  
please contact the event organizer listed.  Thank you so much!**
Show You Care on Doing Good Friday | Friday, April 10  
from 9 am - 12 pm at Operation Breakthrough 
Please consider serving at Operation Breakthrough (OB) on Doing Good Friday (April 10) from 9 am - noon.  We will carpool to the facility.  After a brief tour to learn about OB's work and facilities, we will be assigned a project (sorting clothing, organizing, or some other helpful activities).  Last year's group had a great time!  Operation Breakthrough serves KC's poorest families with education, healthcare, parent programs and emergency services.  Innovative programs help children thrive and lift people out of poverty.  To join in April 10, contact Pam Ungashick at 816.590.9357 or email by April 3.  Let's do some good together!  
Day of Caring | Saturday, April 18 from 10 am - 12 pm at Harvesters
Asbury is set to work at Harvesters during our Spring Day of Caring on Saturday, April 18 from 10 am-12 pm, at the food bank's warehouse.  We will be sorting and repacking cold food items.  Volunteers must be at least 12 years old, and, if under 15, accompanied by an adult.  What a great team activity and a way to show we care about hunger in our community!  Looking for 10-15 people with smiles.  Will carpool.  Call or text Pam Ungashick at 816.590.9357 or email to sign up or if you have questions.
Cross-Lines 25th Annual Plant Sale | April 29 through May 2
As you "think Spring" and plan to beautify your outdoor spaces, please remember to include Spring Dig, a major fund-raiser for Cross-Lines.  Pre-orders are due by April 13.  For additional information, contact Donetta Shaner at or 913.897.2488.  Thank you!  

Asbury Scholarships | High School Grads and Graduate Students to Apply
The Asbury Foundation Trustees welcomes all high school graduates and graduate students attending classes in the 2020-2021 school year to apply for scholarships.  These scholarships are not endowed; our generous and gracious community provide the funds to keep these scholarships available, believing in the importance of supporting our community in pursuing higher education.  We hope all students will apply and we look forward to reading the applications received.  They are due Sunday, April 26.  You can find the online form at
Vote in 2020
An initiative of Church & Society is to increase voter turnout in this year's 2020 primary and general elections.  Church & Society is working with MainStream Foundation (MEF) through their "Be a Voter" and "Voter to Voter" projects to help accomplish this goal.  MEF works to educate and engage individuals to advocate for good governance.  The project is non-partisan and imposes no specific position or policy messaging, except that voting is important.  For more information, contact Julia Cotter at
  <--- Click on the Church Calendar logo for upcoming Asbury events!  Do you have an event you would like to be listed on the calendar?  Please call the church office or email Phyllis Williams at  For inclusions in the e-Alive or weekly bulletins, please contact Sharlynn Verner at   


We still need your help to keep our operations running during this tough time of needing to close down.  Coronavirus has made things challenging for everyone and Asbury is no exception!  Please consider giving to the church electronically through one of these four ways:
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
  • Online through Easy Tithe ( )
  • Text the word "Give" to 913-774-6060
  • Download our giving app, "Church by Ministry One" (find Asbury under zip code 66208)

We love you all and appreciate each of you so much.  Stay safe and healthy! 
I know most of your lives are probably a bit different than they were a week ago or even a few days ago.  Our current reality can be hard, overwhelming, and even anxiety-producing.  In these times, take a deep breath, pray for peace, and talk openly about your fears, concerns, and hopes.  Be proactive and follow the CDC's recommendations at and if the weather cooperates, take a walk.

I encourage you to continue to pray:
1.  For those in our community, nation, and world who have contracted the novel coronavirus and their families.
2.  The communities worldwide who are seeing community spread and economic impact.
3.  The federal, state, and local officials and administrators who are making decisions.
4.  The health professionals who are on the front lines day in and day out and their families.
5.  Students of all ages, and their families, whose way of life has been disrupted and who will have to adjust to a new normal of online classes and online work.  Pray for them as they grieve the loss of milestone events (proms, graduations, performances, etc.)
6.  Those who reside in assisted care facilities and others who make up vulnerable populations.
7.  Each other.
How to love your neighbor:
1.  There have been some pretty cool ideas going around Facebook about ways to love our neighbors during a time of social distancing.  One idea proposed by one of our very own families was to put our Christmas lights back up to bring a little cheer to people on walks or taking drives.  
2.  Some retirement places and nursing homes are allowing people to send notes, pictures, etc. to the people living there who cannot have visitors right now.  I have checked with Lakeview Village and they are still allowing mail deliveries.  If you are interested in doing this, please let me know.  Pastor Lee is putting together a list of addresses for some of our Asbury folks living in these places.
3.  Call, Facetime, text, or Zoom with others.
4.  Asbury has a food case outside its main entrance if you would like to donate non-perishable food items.  You can drop some off of the bookcase, or you can always order from Amazon and have it sent to the church.  If you are in need of food, or know someone who might be, let them know they can drive by and grab some food from the case.
Heather Jackson,
Director of Family Ministries
Children's Ministry
Childr en's Sunday School - Sundays @ 10 am
PreK - 3rd Grade:  In progress...please watch Facebook and your emails for updates.
4th - 5th Grade:  We will have Sunday school via Zoom at 11 am this Sunday (  We will be exploring the example Jesus sets for his disciples (including us) as described in John 13:1-15.
Youth Sunday School
We're working on a plan...stay tuned to Facebook and your emails.

Youth Group
Youth Group will be via Zoom.  Youth can use a phone or computer to connect to the meeting at  They are encouraged to grab a drink, snack, or even dinner to munch on during the meeting.  We are treating the online meeting just as we would a face-to-face meeting and keeping the 6 pm start time.

Family Ministry Book Club

Family Ministry Book Club will be via Zoom and open to everyone on Tuesday, April 7 at 7:00 pm (  This month's book is "Hallelujah Anyway" by Anne Lamott ( Click Here for Book Link).


If you are not receiving the children's ministry or youth ministry emails and would like to,  
please email to get on the list.
2. Search "Asbury Methodist Church"
3. Select the Prairie Village location...and SHOP!