• Updated City Executive Orders - Delivery Service Fees and Business Use On City Streets
Delivery Service Fees

One of our Downtown businesses contacted us about new increased fees they had been charged from Doordash, a delivery service company.

In response, the City Manager has signed and extended the protections of the previous executive order, to cap the per order delivery service fees at 15%.

The previous executive order expired when dine-in service became allowed again, however, the City recognizes that the impacts continue to be significant for your businesses, and the new executive order extends the temporary limit for as long as the health emergency declaration is in place.
Since the prior order terminated on May 30 th  when the county allowed dine in, and the new order is effective as of July 14th, any delivery service company that charged a higher commission for delivery service between 5/30 - 7/14 are not in violation of this current order. As in the prior order, there is a grace period between 7/14- 7/24 to those who charge the higher commission provided they refund it prior to the end of the month.
Please find a link to the new executive order here: 
Business Use On City Streets

With the City's executive order in place regarding business use on city streets, any non-pertinent businesses (including sidewalk vendors) may not operate business within 30' of a business entrance or cafe extension, nor on a sidewalk less than 16' in width.

And as a reminder, 

If you are interested in expanding to outdoor space and utilizing a temporary expansion area outside your business, here is the information and link to apply for a no cost use: 

For any specific questions regarding either executive order from the City, feel free to contact us or Rebecca Unitt, our business liaison at Economic Development: runitt@cityofsantacruz.com

We are here to support you and your business.

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