May 2017 Edition
The 2017 AFS Spring Conference was a Success!
Todd Furbee proudly receiving the 2016 New Product of the Year -honorable mention 
We were honored to participate in the AFS Spring Conference in Louisville, KY last month.  We had the opportunity to make new friends, gather fresh ideas, and even receive the  
2016 New Product of the Year - honorable mention 
Computer Simulation of String Wound Filters

Jay recently had the opportunity to speak at the AFS Spring Conference. He described a computational model for predicting the winding pattern of string wound filters - and described the application of the model to real world manufacturing scenarios. 

"String wound filters are made from filter media in the form of yarns rather than roll goods. During the filter manufacturing process, the yarn is collected onto a center core, and the manner of collecting the yarn onto the core will impact the density of the filter and consequent particulate
removal efficiency. Manufacturers of wound filters often rely on equipment manufacturers to provide winding machine settings for various filter "micron ratings", and each filter rating corresponds to a unique visible pattern in the filter's winding..."

>> Read the full abstract here 
What happened at the WQA Convention and Exposition
Todd at the Delta Pure booth
The WQA Convention & Exposition is the most comprehensive and well-respected meeting for water treatment professionals. This annual event brings each segment of the water treatment and supply market together in one place.

At the most recent event in March, Delta Pure showcased our very own FF Series - "Furbee Filter" System.

It was a privilege talking to water professionals from all over the world about our FF Series - "Furbee Filter" System, our NSF/ANSI 61 certified melt blown and string wound filters, and our activated carbon filter cartridges.   
HC Series - High Capacity Wound Filter Cartridges

HC Series filters certified to NSF/ ANSI 61 are now available, and we have revised our datasheet!

Delta Pure HC "high capacity" series string wound filter cartridges provide excellent filtration for fluids with a wide particle size distribution. The HC series filters are wound with two zones in order to provide longer filter life with challenging fluids. A more open per-filtration section serves to protect the downstream section and remove larger particles, while a tighter final filter section provides removal of smaller particulates.   

F eatured P rodu ct :
FF Series 

stainless steel filter housing and various FFC high capacity
filter cartridges . The FF Series System provides a compact, simple and economical system for filtration of water and various liquids.
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DWC Series 


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