Who doesn’t love food? 
This kit is PACKED with OVER 40 real life activities that will 
stimulate the senses and connect you to familiar 
foods, discussions and preparation. This kit is 
Weight Scale Activity
This activity comes complete with an old fashioned scale, food items to weigh and picture cards to record the weight.
Pepper Sort
Grocery shopping, farming and home gardens will be recalled when sorting these lifelike colourful peppers.
Lemon Lime Sort
Continuing our theme of various foods is sorting citrus's. This can be presented as a helpful activity for the kitchen. It can also be complimented by making lemonade or tasking the difference between lemons and limes.
Tropical Fruit Match
This is great way to have an engaging group activity. Large cards with beautiful tropical fruits are to matched up. Don't stop there. Have a discussion with your group about the different fruits they have tried, where they come from and favorite flavours.
Condiment Sort
"We made a mess of the ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. Would you help me organize them? The kitchen will be so grateful."
Pasta Sort
The most loved comfort food for many families. Keep your residents busy with sorting different types of pasta. Sorting builds eye hand coordination and makes people with dementia feel useful in contributing to a task that is needed.
Herbal Tea Sort
This activity will stimulate the senses. Beautiful and colourful packets of herbal tea are to be sorted in this large bamboo tea box. Visual cues make it easy for a person with dementia to complete the task successfully.
Cutlery Dry & Sort
Wet the cutlery and ask your resident to dry and sort them in the visually successful tray. Every man and woman will know how to do this!

Spatula Sort
Colourful spatula are mixed up and need to be sorted. Familiar objects make things concrete and easy for people dementia to connect to.
Jam Sort
Everyone has jam in their pantry or fridge. This common household item will spark familiarity to your residents with dementia. Presented as helpful task will make the resident feel needed. A tasking is a must!
Montessori Readers
7 titles that come in packs of 4
These books are presented in a way that makes reading successful for people with dementia. Just try and you'll see! They can be read individually or in a group of 4. Keeping with our theme of food, these books are all about various foods that everyone loves.
Recipe Cards for Food Preparation
Each recipe come with 4 cards. The recipe where chosen for their simple process that makes food preparation easy and familiar for a person with dementia. The pictures make the process real. There are also instruction on the back of the cards with pictures of how to do the step.
Food Bingo With Easy Grip Placers
Let's spice up Bingo! Your residents will love this version of food bingo. Filled with beautiful pictures of real life familiar food, and maybe some new foods. The easy grip placers add a sensory aspect to the game and makes easier for residents to mark the pictures.
Word to Picture Association
This is a great group activity that will enjoyed by all! Word cards seed to be matched to the beautiful pictures of food items. Velcro tabs on the back of the word cards make it easy to stick to the picture so they don't slide off.
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