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WEC and WCPO 9 have partnered to bring you
Democracy 2020:
Hamilton County Sheriff Debate
Candidates Bruce Hoffbauer and Charmaine McGuffey will debate for one hour on their differing leadership philosophies and approaches to law enforcement, the challenges facing Hamilton County, its safety and its jail. The debate will be recorded at the WCPO 9 studios will be available wherever you stream WCPO 9 starting Thursday, October 8, after 11 a.m. 
Sunday, October 11 at NOON

With the role of law enforcement in the national spotlight, this debate for the top job at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office will allow local voters to be able to gain insight into the candidates’ backgrounds.
WCPO 9 Anchor Craig McKee will moderate the debate, helping people make an educated selection representing their desire for the future of law enforcement in the county.
 2020 WEC Board Members:
Jennifer Vatter, President
Joe Bianco, Vice President
Andy Bucher, Treasurer
Mark Rosenberger, Secretary
Craig Abercrombie
Ryan Murphy
Mike Robison
Tony Rosiello
Frank Birkenhauer
Cheryl Sieve