Dear Friend of Wildlife,

Over the past week many of you received the printed version of our newsletter in the mail and found it unlike any we've ever sent. It had to be. The times we live in are unprecedented, and absolutely everything that matters to most of us is on the line.

What you won't know is we went to press before all the appalling Supreme Court decisions of late June. And those have made what we said in the newsletter even more vital. We are repeating it below for emphasis.

What America’s Current Reality Means for Wildlife Advocacy

If you’ve followed our work for any length of time, you’ll know we have never been partisan. We have called out Democrats and Republicans, as applicable, from our inception. We especially castigated Democratic Senator John Tester of Montana for selling out wolves in 2011, when he added a delisting rider on a federal budget bill that removed wolves’ Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections and enabled the nightmare of states being given the right to “manage” them. Management meant slaughter. It continues to this day and has led to wolves’ functional extinction in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

Our work has always been to protect native predators with science, sanity and heart. But we see no way we can continue much longer if Democrats don’t hold the U.S. House and achieve a filibuster-proof majority (52+ seats) in the U.S. Senate this November. They must also take and hold power in local and state elections, where intense voter suppression and election subversion efforts are being waged.

We make these statements because the fight for the future is no longer between liberals and conservatives. It’s currently a battle between truth vs. lies and democracy vs. fascism.

The GOP has been overtaken by those who have no use for science, no respect for individual rights, no respect for nature, and no plans to safeguard our planet for future generations. It goes without saying they have no respect for wildlife, other than as a commodity they can “harvest.” The contingent that has consumed the GOP ultimately wants unfettered access to slaughtering vital native predators like vermin, opening up national parks and public lands to hunting/mining/development, and removing all possible environmental regulations that safeguard our air, water and land. The current Supreme Court—illegitimately stocked with far-right justices who lied about settled law to win confirmation—will continue ruling against our work to protect wildlife at every turn via anti-environment and states’ rights decisions. This GOP and their SCOTUS represent a tyranny of the minority. To restore credibility it must be correctively rebalanced to reflect America and to return to Constitutional principles.

Please note we are not saying the Democratic party is without flaws. In fact, we still wait for Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to stand up to the special interests that have, so far, prevented a halt to the ongoing wolf slaughter in the Northern Rockies. We are also waiting for a no-kill buffer zone around Yellowstone National Park to protect wolves in one of the greatest natural wolf ecosystems and research sites in the country. But there continue to be reasons for hope for a good outcome with Sec. Haaland and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service after their 12-month ESA relisting review in September. And there remains hope at many state and local levels for improving wildlife policies and practices.

But given the stakes—our entire democratic system on the brink of collapse—what we are saying is: (1) we will continue to work as long as we can on behalf of native predators, but (2) we feel it imperative to urge you to take immediate action to ensure a Blue Wave in November at the federal, state and local levels. At present, a Democratic majority is the only way America will be able to:

  • Restore democratic principles and ensure voting rights
  • Codify laws to protect natural places and restore ecosystems
  • Protect native predators by giving them their rightful place as essential species
  • Create a clean energy future to save the planet from the worst effects of global warming, and thus provide a livable earth for wildlife and future generations

Action Is the Antidote to Despair: Engage Now!

Again, no meaningful change at the federal level will be possible in America unless Democrats hold the House and get 52+ Senate seats. This will allow bypassing Senators Sinema and Manchin and the filibuster to restore the EPA's ability to regulate carbon emissions, codify voting rights, and much more.

On the plus side, we who value democracy and environmental sanity remain the majority. And given that 80,000,000 eligible citizens didn’t vote in the 2020 election, it’ll only take a fraction of them joining us in key Senate races to save our country. Strategists seem to agree that we must win six of the key races in Georgia, Arizona, New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina.

Plenty of great groups are hard at work on getting out the vote and safeguarding democracy. Perhaps you are already working with one or more of them. If not, here is a sampling of groups offering effective ways to engage:

Let’s Work Together to Give Democracy and Wildlife a Future

We’d like to reemphasize that we truly are in good company. The majority of Americans believe in democracy and in the right of wolves, cougars and other native predators to exist without persecution and to provide their essential ecosystem services. But without all citizens having the right to vote and without all votes being counted, the voice of the majority will not be heard, and an anti-science, anti-environmental regulation, pro-killing minority will finish off our longstanding hopes for ending America’s war on wildlife.

We encourage you to pull out all the stops to protect democracy and get out the vote. We also encourage you to continue to support our ongoing work for the rights and wellbeing of all native predators. See work highlights on pg. 2 of our newsletter.

Thank you for reading this extra long email message. We greatly appreciate you. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for all you do.

For all that is wild and free,

Brooks Fahy
Executive Director
Predator Defense

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