Job Opening
The Missouri Democratic Party is opening ten regional offices around the state in November 2021. One of those will cover Platte and Buchanan Counties.

We are looking for a motivated Democrat to serve as Executive Director of the Platte/Buchanan office. It is an excellent entry position for someone eventually wishing to pursue further employment in the political field.

Duties of this position will include:

Collect & expand local volunteer lists and coordinate volunteer activities.
Attend county committee/club meetings
Identify candidates for office both partisan and non-partisan offices.
Expand local list of Democratic donors
Build college & young Dem organizations
Organize phone banks/canvasses to ID voters by party on a 1 - 5 Scale
Conduct voter registration drives
Coordinate with local activist groups (Women's Groups, Labor, Teachers, etc)
Establish or utilize regular forums to facilitate Strategic Priorities of Communication, Information & Communities.
Initiate training programs for filed candidates.

The position is for one year with the possibility of yearly extensions.

Salary will be determined by the experience and background of the successful candidate.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to [email protected].

34th Senatorial District Governing Body