Democrats Say: Take A Scooter To Work!
The 2022 Legislative Session ends tomorrow at midnight.
Here are some recent highlights: 
Inflation - Energy prices affect every aspect of the economy.  Republicans offered an amendment to extend the Gas Tax Holiday. The amendment was defeated along party lines. 
Democrat Response - Democrats passed SB0210 which gives tax credits to commuters who use ‘Electric Scooters’.  Democrats think you should take a scooter to work! HERE IS THE FLOOR DEBATE.
Taxpayer Money for Illegals - SB0291, gives taxpayer dollars to an organization of Illegal Immigrants, so they can advocate for the abolishment of ICE, and to vote. WATCH THIS REMARKABLE FLOOR DEBATE
Education: MSDE is instructing kindergarten classrooms to teach about gender identity, and says that teachers in the state are not required to inform parents about their child’s desire to change genders. HERE’S THE STORY.
Rest assured, I will continue to fight for common-sense and against the extremist agendas of the LEFT. 

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