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 Volume 19, Issue 6                                                                                                      July 2017

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2017 Fall Seminar
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Private Ponds
Winter Conference
WOTUS Updates
Fogarty Training Center
SWU Report
FSA Career Center
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December 6-8, 2017
Hilton Orlando
Fall Seminar 

September 8, 2017 
Hilton Orlando  
Fall Seminar - September 8th, Orlando
Demonstrating Pollutant Load Reduction
The Seminar will present a comprehensive overview of your permit's requirements to document progress in reducing pollutant loads discharging to priority TMDL waterbodies. MS4s discharging to a priority TMDL waterbody with an adopted BMAP or Reasonable Assurance Plan (RAP) must follow the conditions as specified in the plan.  MS4s without an adopted BMAP/RAP must develop and implement a prioritization plan that identifies the waterbody to target, the waters or outfalls to be monitored, and the implementation of structural and non-structural BMPs to reduce pollutant loadings per a Supplemental Stormwater Management Plan.  The Seminar will help permit managers identify approaches to comply with permit requirements and demonstrate progress in reducing loadings.  Case studies will be presented.  Go to the Seminar's webpage for more information, including registration fees and to register onlineHURRY!  Early (reduced) Registration Rates expire August 11th! 
Early Membership Renewal Opening Soon!
FSA's fiscal year begins November 1, 2017.  First renewal notices for FY 2017-18 will be sent in mid-August to the primary FSA contact for your organization, allowing local government members to pay next year's dues with remaining funds in the current fiscal year.  QUESTIONS?  Call (888) 221-3124. 
MS4's Responsibility for Private Ponds
In June, Pinellas County petitioned FDEP seeking a Declaratory Statement as to whether a man-made, privately-owned stormwater pond is part of the County's MS4 and therefore must be maintained by the County.  Several local governments and FSA submitted comments to FDEP, urging that such ponds should not be considered to be a part of an MS4's responsibilities.  FSA's position centered on two points:  Both EPA and FDEP policy emphasize the importance of public ownership of a conveyance system as being a key factor in defining the MS4.  Further, adding significant, unexpected burdens on permit holders will actually decrease their ability to improve the quality of those waters that are legitimately their responsibilities.  Due to a procedural technicality, the deadline to submit comments to FDEP has been extended to August 10, 2017.  FSA members are urged to submit comments to:

Douglas Beason, Esquire
Office of the General Counsel
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
3900 Commonwealth Blvd., MS 35
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3000
Mark Your Calendar - Winter Conference
FSA's Winter Conference will be at the Hilton Orlando on December 6-8, 2017.  There will be a great line-up of workshops and exhibits, a tour of local stormwater projects and an extended pre-conference workshop option.  Registration will be opening soon.  Mark your calendar now! 
WOTUS Updates
On July 27, 2017 EPA published a proposed rule in the Federal Register to completely repeal the 2015 revisions to the definitions of Waters of the United States or WOTUS.  The publication of the rule starts a 30-day clock during which comments on the proposed rule may be submitted to EPA.  While FSA objected to many provisions contained in the 2015 rule, the Association's leadership is discussing whether a complete repeal is a preferred approach.

Meanwhile, most matters in the WOTUS litigation are on "hold" except for an appeal to the US Supreme Court concerning the important procedural question of the correct venue for challenges to rules such as WOTUS.  EPA had argued that challenges to such rules must be filed in Circuit Courts, while FSA and most other parties challenging the WOTUS rules argued that the District Courts were the proper venue.  A ruling from the Supreme Court is expected in 2018. 
FSA's Fogarty Training Center  
FSA's Fogarty Training Center holds over 25 classes throughout Florida each year.  A current list of classes may be found on the Training Center's webpage.  Both Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Stormwater Operator classes meet the requirements of your MS4 permit for initial or "refresher" training of stormwater staff in:
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  • Spill Prevention and Remediation
  • Good Housekeeping Practices  
  • High Risk Facilities
Need to recertify in 2017?  FSA certifications are valid for five years.  The last online option for recertification will be held on November 7, 2017. 
Stormwater Utility Report Available 
FSA's most recent Stormwater Utility Report was completed in 2016.  One copy of the Report on CD was provided to each FSA member.  To order additional copies of the Report on CD or to download an electronic copy, go to the online order form.  FSA has conducted the Survey and published the corresponding Report every two years since 1995. 
FSA Career Center
Did you know that FSA members can post position vacancies on the FSA Career Center at no cost (i.e. FREE!) for 30 days?  Visit the Career Center to post a job announcement or to search for open positions.    

We appreciate your feedback!  Please don't hesitate to contact us if have any questions about FSA. 


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