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Tom Dheere   
      top Voice Talent  
& VO Strategist Coach  
JULY 25, 2019
Starts at 8 pm ET, 5 pm PT
Registration includes Video & Audio Recordings & Slides  
Tuition: $59

Meet Your Acclaimed Trainer     
As a New York-based voice actor with more than 20 years of experience, Tom Dheere has narrated thousands of projects for hundred of clients in over a dozen countries.  
His experience as a corporate trainer as well as a voice talent makes him uniquely qualified to help both aspiring and veteran voice talents navigate the voice-over industry.
He began coaching in 2011 with Edge Studio as the "Business and Money 201" and "Marketing 201" instructor.  
In 2012, he began private coaching as the VO Strategist, and since then has worked with hundreds of students in both one-on-one sessions and public speaking engagements.  
Tom specializes in marketing and business consultations, as well as eLearning and Explainer Video demo production.
The internet is key to your success in most everything related to voice-over today ... especially to finding clients and auditions!

Voice-over online casting services speed that process - and whether you are a current user of them ... or want to learn ... this webinar with top VO pro/coach Tom Dheere is for you.

Online casting is also called "Pay-to-Play" - or P2P - because most sites charge a variety of membership fees to obtain auditions.

So: How do these services work? How can you most effectively use them?
In this webinar, you will learn ... 
  • The world of voice-over online casting
  • What an online casting site is - and does
  • The Pay-to-Play model
  • How a Pay-to-Play site works
  • How voice seekers use P2P sites
  • How voice talent use P2P sites
  • The pros & cons of using P2P sites
  • The ethics of P2P sites
  • How to use VO online casting effectively
Plus: Tom will answer your questions in an informative Q&A session
Tuition: Only $59
Thursday, July 25, 2019
The live online event will begin at ...
8pm Eastern ... 7pm Central ... 5pm Pacific  
Don't worry if you can't attend the live online session.
Your registration includes recordings and slides.
Tuition: $59

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