Vol 10, Issue 5 October 29, 2021
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In this week's edition: Demystifying LMI to help youth see their potential, virtual youth committee internships & volunteer opportunity, The pandemic upended the federal workplace. What comes next?, Q2 Data report in Hamilton Labour Market, WorkLINK free online courses, and Mohawk college Programs

Demystifying LMI to help youth see their potential
Virtual Youth Committee - Internships & Volunteer Opportunities $10.00 Gift card when you sign up!
When the phrase labour market information (LMI) comes up in discussions about planning for careers, it can sometimes create confusion and a sense of anxiety. To many, it may sound complicated, but in actuality, it is not. While data and statistics shape LMI, there is so much more to it that can be used to benefit and inform the future of job seekers and students.
To help demystify LMI and break down barriers for accessing and effectively using LMI, the Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training (CAMET) has launched a new website to assist students, families, educators and influencers on their journey of understanding LMI and supporting youth as they enter the workforce and transition between jobs. The website (careersatlanticcanada.ca), while targeting Atlantic Canada, contains videos, information and resources that can support and guide jobseekers and students across Canada.
What is LMI and why is it important?
In the simplest terms, labour market information is information about jobs and who does these jobs.
Workforce Planning Hamilton is seeking young professionals interested in digital job development in the Hamilton region. WPH has been able to connect with you individually to discuss our upcoming Virtual Youth Committee.
The goal of this committee is to develop a community-wide strategy to support high youth unemployment rates and to assist youth in the Hamilton region in navigating labour market information. This committee of youth and employers will be able to create a digital platform that will feature centralized information for youth in Hamilton. Our hope is that this information will ultimately help youth with networking opportunities, hiring processes, employer advice, and provide youth with a better grasp of what Hamilton’s labor market reveals to support employment decisions.
age: 15-29 years old
Time: 15 hours, once a month meeting
Submit resumes by October 29th, 2021

for more information/send your resumes to
Business & Data Research
The pandemic upended the federal workplace. What comes next?
Q2 Data Report in Hamilton's Labour Market
Public service unions and management are hashing out a new telework policy that could improve diversity and work-life balance but questions remain.

Kathryn May is the Accenture Fellow on the Future of the Public Service, providing coverage and analysis of the complex issues facing Canada’s federal public service for Policy Options. This is her first article as fellow.
OTTAWA – The pandemic blew up the norms and structure of work behaviour in Canada’s public service and now bureaucrats want new rules and a say in how work fits into their lives as the federal government readies for a return to the office.
Everything about working in the public service is up for grabs.
After nearly two years, the pandemic proved public servants can work in many jobs from anywhere. That’s upended the conventional approach to work, including the 37.5-hour work week, endless in-person meetings, a soulless cubicle culture and how to climb the hierarchy. It’s an opportunity for change reformers have dreamed about for 25 years.

-After the spike in the unemployment rate following the public health restrictions, the unemployment rate has decreasing dramatically in 2021
- In June 2021 the unemployment rate was 4.7% compared to 12.1% in June of 2020
- Industrial, electrician, and construction trades jobs grew the most in quarter 2, growing by 4,130 jobs
-Assisting occupations in support of health services declined the most in total jobs decreasing by -4,470 jobs
-There has been a large increase in job postings this quarter relative to last year, with over 8,817 job vacancies in quarter 2 in Hamilton
-Wages only saw a slight increase from the previous year, increasing from $20.42 to $21.78

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This course will cover
  • Assembly Line Production Process
  • Advanced Manufacturing Process
  • Learn and Flexible Manufacturing
  • Quality Control & Inventory Management
  • Overview of CNC Manufacturing
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Mohawk College
Workplace Preparation
Mohawk College WES Gateway Program
Eligible newcomer professionals that are struggling with job searching can access free Workplace Preparation at Mohawk College. The program includes networking and interviewing skills, workplace culture, micro-certifications, and more
There's still time to apply. Start November 10

Mohawk College has partnered with World Education Services (WES) as a referral organization to the WES Gateway program. The program supports eligible individuals who've been displaced from their country due to adverse circumstances.

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