Dennis Shinn to produce ANWTLF's self-titled, full-length album
January 11, 2018

With Dennis Shinn's recent remix of A New Way to Live Forever's opening track "'Til My Heart Stops Beating," off their 2012 EP, Rumora, it won't come as a surprise to ANWTLF fans for Music Gallery International to officially announce that Dennis "Menace" Shinn will be producing the band's first full-length album. The self-titled album is slated for a 2018 release. The band's ever-evolving sound will stay true to its indie-rock roots, but rhythmically, fans will notice more of an electronic element and further defined musical conclusions. Russ Rogers, vocalist for ANWTLF, says that although they're broadening their sound, they will remain "slaves to the song."

Most people know Menace as the songwriter for Korn and his production work as The Anarky, but it's his ability to work within a variety of musical styles, from metal to indie rock, that makes him such a sought-after producer. Russ says of their collaboration, " Dennis' involvement has been inspiring in that he finds the heart of our songs and brings that to the forefront through his mixes. I look forward to finishing the album with him." ANWTLF guitarist, Daniel Dyer reiterates this sentiment by elaborating on Shinn's production skills. He explains, "I believe [Dennis] understands the message or intent of each song, and treats them as an individual art piece to sound their best. Yet there is a common element involved that ties the songs together. Being a guitarist, I especially appreciate his approach to tone and the overall guitar sound, and where it sits within the mix."

While Dennis primarily focuses on producing electronic music, his side passion remains with indie rock. He says of his work with ANWTLF, "In 2017, I had the opportunity to work with the indie-rock group A New Way to Live Forever. The work applied has moved the ball forward. As a new year sets in, 2018 will be epic as their full-length album is on the horizon. It will be a blast to get back into the studio with the guys, producing some fantastic new songs."

Shawn Barusch, manager for ANWTLF and president of MGI, says of Shinn's involvement on ANWTLF's new album, "I'm excited to bring together such amazing production and vision. With Mr. Shinn joining the cutting edge sound of A New Way To Live Forever, it's a music marriage that is meant to be!"

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