Can your JD Edwards survive an unplanned event that severely impacts your business?

FEMA related disasters only account for less than 10% of downtime in IT. The majority of system outages result from planned downtime, software upgrades, power loss, hardware failures, and human errors. A direct shot to the heart of your company is the inability to access your applications and the protection of your business data. How long can you survive without it?

Protecting one of your company’s most valuable assets is critical! Today, company’s demand to be ‘always connected’ where the flow of information and commerce means around the clock access to “data” because our business never sleeps. Has your Data Protection and JDE resilience evolved to meet today’s DIGITAL world.
Examine best practices:

  1. Delivering ROI from your IT Architecture
  2. Uptime, availability and application consistency
  3. Review disaster types
  4. Understand gaps in traditional backups
  5. Replication strategies

Richard Dolewski

When: November 14, 2019
Time: 11:00am (MST)