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HSR Continuous High-Speed Performance that Changes Everything

Reduced shaft whip and settling time, along with a lighter-weight arm and an optimized arm structure make the HSR robots more efficient than previous models, enabling them to accelerate faster, run continuously at their maximum rated speed and stop more precisely. Standard cycle time (with a 2-kg weight) is from 0.28 to 0.31 sec. and repeatability is from ±0.01 to ±0.012 mm. Maximum payload capacity is 8 kg, with available reaches of 480, 550, and 650 mm. Applications include high-speed, high-precision pick and place in assembly processes, as well as packaging processes in the food, medical device, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.

Denso Medical Robotics Keep your Operations in Good Health

  • VS-050-S2 meets the strict hygienic demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • DENSO contributes to automation in medical device / medical product manufacturing processes and drug preparation.
  • Automation in clean environments prevents the hazards of foreign matter from manual tasks, human error, and operator exposure.
  • Robot with sterility control for use in sterile environments and clean environments that employ H2O2 gas 35% density (dry / wet) and UV exposure.
  • Smooth surface prevents adherence of dust and dirt. The robot arm is constructed without screws to maintain high sanitation levels.
  • Cleanliness : ISO Class 5
  • Protection level : Wrist IP67, Unit IP65

XR-G Series Compact Space-Saving Design with Integrated Gantry

The XR-Series four-axis, compact gantry robots feature a ceiling mounted, flexible SCARA robot combined with a long-stroke Cartesian robot. As a result of their highly efficient, integrated design, the XR-Series robots use up to 40% less valuable factory floor space than a conventional SCARA robot. In addition, they can operate in many applications without the need of a conveyor, saving up to 20% in capital-equipment costs. ANSI and CE compliance allows global deployment.

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