Dental Acccess Days # 8 - A Lot Was New

Dental Access Days Inc. held its 8th free dental clinic for people of need at the Evanston Levy Senior Center September 30th and October 1st. This year's clinic was different in a number of important ways.

The biggest difference was our equipment - it is now "local" and "ours". The Giving Hand Foundation, the terrific group from Yadkinville North Carolina we have worked with over the years, donated a fully operational 8 workstation mobile clinic to Dental Access Days: Chairs, drills, compressed air and lines, sterilizing equipment, instruments, and supplies, everything needed to stage the clinic. The equipment isn't new, it is the same equipment we worked with previously. What was new was needing to know how to set up, manage the flow of instruments and supplies, and pack it up. That's where our new team member came in - Kelly Kowalski. With lots of training and experience  in practicing dentistry including assisting, hygiene, and office management, Kelly was a huge help getting us ready and keeping our supplies and equipment organized before and during the clinic. 

Something else new was our digital X-ray system. In years past Patterson Dental generously loaned us their demo system. This year, with a grant from Chicago Dental Society Foundation and Wrigley Foundation, we were able to purchase our own imaging sensor. Apteryx, a leading imaging software vendor, provided an image processing a
nd viewing system, XrayVision, at no cost. Dr. Brad Wiess, an active supporter of our efforts for lots of years, loaned us his Nomad, a handheld device that provides an x-ray source for making images. Then Alex Botvinnik, manager of technology at Nolan & Freund, set up a 3 computer network, each running the X-ray software. It allowed us to have an imaging station capturing images while dentists viewed other patients x-rays on the two laptops out in the treatment area. In past years, x-rays had been a major bottle neck for us. This year's setup dramatically improved productivity. 

Given the newness of our situation, we decided not to offer intra-oral prostheses at this clinic. We hope to add it back once we get better at managing the logistics of the basic clinic. 

We offered vision screening services on Saturday courtesy of Dr. Vince Brandys and students from the Illinois Eye Institute.

What remained the same this year was the generosity of over 50 volunteers that showed up to help fellow citizens access the miracle of modern healthcare. It is always amazing how joyful the time is that we spend together and yet how hard everyone works. Better than 3/4s of our volunteers had worked previous clinics. Thank you all for doing an amazing job. And thanks also to the Evanston Health department and the management staff at the Levy Center.

Here are our results:

Total Patients treated
Fee Equivalent
Surgical Procedures
Oral Prophylaxis
Total Fee Equivalency

PLEASE NOTE : We plan to stage our next clinic in March 16,17,18 in 2017 at a new location, the Willye B. White Community Center, in Rogers Park. 

Please consider volunteering to help us with that clinic.
    Sincerely, Bill McKinley and Heather McKinley

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