February 2017
Keep Them Smiling     
Did you know...Kittens have 26 teeth, while adult cats have 30. That equates to a lot of dental care! The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports that 70% of cat will have some kind or oral disease by the age of three. Often cats do not show obvious signs of dental disease.
February is National Pet Dental Health Month; a good reminder to schedule a dental evaluation for your feline family.  
Welcome Dr. Mahoney
Please join us in welcoming Dr. Mahoney to the Cats Exclusive team!  
Dr. Mahoney grew up just outside of Chicago, graduating from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. After working at an animal shelter during high school and college, she knew that she wanted to become a veterinarian so that she could help animals; wanting to be an advocate by bridging the communication gap between them and their caregivers. Dr. Mahoney has spent the past five years devoted to cats working at a cat practice in Seattle. Her special interests include dentistry and geriatric medicine. When she isn't helping cats, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, hiking, skiing and going to sporting events. We are excited to have Dr. Mahoney at Cats Exclusive.   
Feline Valentine

Send Your Kitty Into Bliss
Catnip and Catnip Alternatives  
You're probably familiar with catnip and the reaction it can cause in cats. But what if your kitty doesn't seem to like catnip? There are alternatives!    
Catnip Alternatives
As you can see, there is no shortage of plants featuring natural chemicals that can enrich, entertain and excite your cat! Experiment with different options and see what your feline(s) prefer! We are proud to stock all of these plants in some form or another - be it in a spray, in a toy or loose. With no chance for  habituation and no negative side effects, you can have some no-risk fun right at home. After all, if you don't teach your cat about catnip (et al.), who will?   

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