Summer | 2019
Great Tax Savings and Deferral Opportunity with Opportunity Zone Investment
Dentists can take advantage of the Opportunity Zone program, but be sure you complete due diligence and discuss the details with a qualified tax accountant. 

10 Common HR Mistakes & How to Easily Avoid Them
The average cost of an employee lawsuit for small to mid-sized businesses is $160,000. This whitepaper by guest contributor HR for Health outlines 10 common HR pitfalls and how to avoid them. 

The Art of Dental Finance - PODCAST

Art Wiederman the host of "The Art of Dental Finance" has had over 35 years experience in the dental financial/ accounting world. He is eager to share his knowledge as well as provide guests who are willing to share their knowledge to help dentists meet their financial and personal goals.

"The Art of Dental Finance" has been launched, to listen to any of the episodes use the below button.
Speaking Engagements & Seminars
HMWC's “Dental Services” division serves as a leader in the dental community through our speaking engagements to various dental societies, seminars, conferences, dental schools, study clubs and sponsorship of key events.  

Upcoming events:
  • Road to Practice Ownership
  • How Dentists Can Save Money Under New Tax Laws
  • Know Your Practice by the Numbers
If you are interested in asking Art, Pam or Don to speak at your organization's upcoming meeting, please contact us
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