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Staff Members - Are they an asset or liability to your practice?
When a dentist looks at his or her practice, there are many components or parts that bring it all together. If the observation is that all the parts are working in sync that’s great, but if they are functioning separately, then the practice will be less effective, see less patients, make less income and many other types of problems and situations occur.

Taxes and 179 expensing
Dentists who own and operate practices who have purchased or financed equipment during the calendar year, may elect to take the Section 179 deduction when filing their taxes in order to maximize their savings. 

ADA News, featuring Allen Schiff, CPA
The Art of Dental Finance - PODCAST

Art Wiederman the host of "The Art of Dental Finance" has had over 35 years experience in the dental financial/ accounting world. He is eager to share his knowledge as well as provide guests who are willing to share their knowledge to help dentists meet their financial and personal goals.

"The Art of Dental Finance" has been launched, to listen to any of the episodes use the below button.
Speaking Engagements & Seminars
HMWC's “Dental Services” division serves as a leader in the dental community through our speaking engagements to various dental societies, seminars, conferences, dental schools, study clubs and sponsorship of key events.  

Upcoming events:
  • CDA Presents - Anaheim
  • From Associates to Owners: First-Time Practice Owners
  • How Dentists Can Save Money Under New Tax Laws
  • Plan your Exit Strategy Before It's Too Late
If you are interested in asking Art, Pam or Don to speak at your organization's upcoming meeting, please contact us
CDA Anahiem - 2019

We hope to connect with you there! Visit us at booth #369.
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