Dental Therapy News Update: 
House Health Policy Committee Oct. 3
Thank you to those who have contacted members of the House Health Policy Committee to voice your support for SB 541 and dental therapists in Michigan.
As we discussed in our last update, SB 541 is scheduled for a hearing tomorrow, October 3, before the House Health Policy Committee. The meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. and we anticipate it will be webcast via House TV. If it is webcast you will see it on the House TV schedule posted here.

Tomorrow's meeting will be to hear testimony only so it is not too late to reach out to the members. We continue to need as many voices as possible to s hare your experiences with access to care challenges and why  adding dental therapists to our clinics and practices in Michigan will help.
We've linked committee members' e-mail addresses below, but you can find additional contact information on the House Health Policy Committee home page  here :

Hank Vaupel (R) Committee Chair, 47th District
Jim Tedder (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 43rd District
Joseph Graves (R) 51st District
Daniela Garcia (R) 90th District
Jason Sheppard (R) 56th District
Julie Calley (R) 87th District
Diana Farrington (R) 30th District
Roger Hauck (R) 99th District
Pamela Hornberger (R) 32nd District
Bronna Kahle (R) 57th District
Jeff Noble (R) 20th District
Winnie Brinks (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 76th District
LaTanya Garrett (D) 7th District
Sheldon Neeley (D) 34th District
Jim Ellison (D) 26th District
Abdullah Hammoud (D) 15th District
Kevin Hertel (D) 18th District
Our key talking points are available here, and there are a wealth of resources on our   website, including a variety of easy to use infographics, that provide accurate information.

Don't hesitate to contact us at for specific advocacy materials, or visit We will send another update following tomorrow's hearing.