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UHC 2018 Sneak Peek

Join us this Friday at 10:00 am (CST) as we share our notes from the 2018 UHC Roll Out Meeting!
Want more leads?  Try Dental!
Do you know how many people don't realize that dental plans are available on the individual market?  More than we'd like to admit!

Why dental?
  • People understand dental...easy to offer and usually was an option on their employer coverage
  • No underwriting
  • Simple app!
  • Great way to add a client with the potential of other products later
  • It is on the SOA form!
Plus, dental mailers have been getting higher than expected replies (of course, your results may vary).  This is also a great way to get people to contact in AEP!

Action Plan:
  • Contract with Medico through Senior Marketing Specialists (they have a great eApp too!) See our products page HERE!
  • Contact us for a dental mailer (remember the week of July 31st through August 4th you get a 1,200 piece mailer for the same price as a 1,000).  
  • Start selling dental to new and existing clients, with a follow-up call in October!
Need help?  Call us @ (800) 689-2800
No Cafe Next Week!

I will be heading to the Aetna Roll Out Meeting, so there will not a be a Cafe next week.

However, watch for a video coming out soon from Olivia and myself so you don't have withdrawals!
Medicare Cafe on the Road!

That's right!  We are taking our Cafe on the road to Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield, MO!  We hit the road the first week of August!

Watch for details soon!

Questions, comments, concerns, threats or promises...let us know!

Senior Marketing Specialists
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