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Mount Pleasant ranks high in quality and low in crime
With the continued growth of our town and a population of nearly 75,000 residents, Mount Pleasant maintains a low crime rate. The Mount Pleasant Police Department (MPPD), headed by Police Chief Carl Ritchie, is comprised of 147 sworn officers as well as civilian staff members.
The Department's motto, "Don't lose the streets" reminds both the staff and the public of the Police Department's promise to proactively serve and protect the community. This promise translates into positive results for our town.
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Lowest crime rate in South Carolina!
According to the latest Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data, Mount Pleasant is the safest municipality in South Carolina when compared to larger sized cities (population 40K-123K). It is remarkable to note that the Town's leading crime is unlocked vehicle break-ins and not violent crimes usually associated with larger municipalities.

Due to MPPD's focused policing efforts, the Town is enjoying a 5.5% decrease in total crime year to date. Violent crime is down 15.6% and non-violent crime is down 3.7%. In addition to responding to 42,771 calls for service last year, MPPD was forging ahead in establishing a new standard for public safety departments. The Department added several new programs and services, with little to no additional cost to the taxpayers.
MPPD expands its scope of services
Using its Asset Forfeiture Program and other funding sources, including grants and donations, MPPD continues to expand its scope and quality of service.

Two of the most recent additions to the Department are the Police Bike Patrol and the K-9 Unit Program. In addition to using funds from illegal drug seizures, MPPD uses grants to acquire new technologies and public safety equipment.

K-9 Officer Thor
MPPD Bike Patrol
K-9 Unit Program

Meet Thor one of our four K-9 officers recently sworn in by the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Along with Arie, Rocco, and Arko, Thor is a smart badge-carrying police dog, loyal, obedient and energetic. Thor and his companions have increased the crime fighting abilities of the police department. They perform article, suspect and missing person searches and are certified in drug detection. They are utilized in the department's outreach activities and can be found in schools or at community events.

Meet our other K-9 officers
Police Bike Patrol
This is another public engagement tool, that with visibility and deterrence, will make a difference in our community. The team has a 24/7 capability. The officers ride in most weather conditions with assigned partners in groups of two. This allows them to patrol areas that police cruisers cannot, such as parks and businesses. The bike team is also an excellent enforcement tool. The officers possess a very good knowledge of crime patterns and persons who are known to commit crimes in our community.
MPPD improves communications
   The Mount Pleasant Police Department offers a wide array of social media tools:
Ongoing community outreach events
The Reading Patrol is a new program that builds a foundation of knowledge and trust for our youth and strengthens their relationship with the Police Department. Reading and literacy are key factors in school retention and graduation rates and the department believes that it is never too early to develop a lifelong love of reading. Our talented officers are building bonds with the youth of our community one book at a time. We want to preserve and build on that positive sentiment. Learn more
  • DATE: Every third Saturday of the month
  • TIME: 11 a.m. to 12 noon
  • LOCATION: Barnes & Noble, 1716 Towne Centre Way, Mount Pleasant
  • COST: Free
The Citizen Police Academy provides a chance for the citizens of Mount Pleasant to understand the various aspects of the police department on a more personal level and to closely interact with its members. A wide range of topics are discussed including, but not limited to: national accreditation, operations, uniform patrol, traffic services, K-9 Unit Program, SWAT, crime scene, and investigations. Learn more
  • DATE: Meets bi-annually on Thursdays for a period of 10 weeks
  • TIME: 11 a.m. to 12 noon
  • LOCATION: Mount Pleasant Police Department, 100 Ann Edwards Lane
  • COST: Free
The Cops and Kids Buddy Card Program builds on the community outreach efforts of the Reading Patrol, Blue Light Bowling, and the youth summer camps. Aimed at the youth of the community, these programs can make a true impact on children's growth, development and future successes. Instead of trading in pictures of celebrities, the Cops & Kids Buddy Card Program trades in autographs of real-life heroes- our police force. Learn more

Click here to find out more about Coffee with a Cop, the Explorer's Program and MPPD Summer Camps!
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