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* Neurotransmitter   
* Neurotransmitter
* Neurotransmitter
* NEW! Non-invasive
   brain waves reset
   therapy for anxiety,
   depression and

* 6 Zerona Lipo Laser
* 4 Lipo B Injections
   (1 per week)
* 25 Days Metabolism
   Support Injections
* Labs: Thyroid, Liver,
   Kidney Function
* Cholesterol Profile,
   Serum Electrolytes, &
November 2017

The Biochemistry of Bliss
Unlock Your Hidden Potential
With Neurotransmitter Balancing

Neurotransmitters are the lifeblood of the brain and are the main ingredients needed for quality sleep, focus, concentration, memory, and mood. They are the pivotal substances required for the generation of positive emotions such as joy, happiness, peace, and contentment. Some neurotransmitters are well known in common vernacular such as serotonin and dopamine. Other less well known neurotransmitters that are critical for vitality and great mood are gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) and acetylcholine. Neurotransmitters are not easy for the body to manufacture; they are complex structures that require many raw materials. Today's food milieu is in short supply of these nutritional factors and leaves the body woefully deficient in neurotransmitter building blocks. Stress and negativity also deplete the existing pools of neurotransmitters and causes accelerated use of neurotransmitters, resulting in depletion.
     We feel the impact of these deficiencies when we are plagued with sadness, depression, anxiety or insomnia. Even with slight changes in neurotransmitter levels by mild, prolonged stress, the effects on the overall state of health can be significant. Neurotransmitters also play a critical role in shaping our relationship to food. For example, depleted levels of serotonin, dopamine, or acetylcholine may lead to multiple cravings for sugar, salt, chocolate, fatty substances such as cheese and carbohydrates. This has led to the understanding that neurotransmitter shortages are one of the key factors underlying the development of obesity. The more depleted the neurotransmitters, the more pronounced the food cravings.
     Neurotransmitter balancing is one of the most exciting aspects of natural healing and forms the pinnacle of balancing the body. Working with neurotransmitters leads to deep appreciation for the dynamic nature of the brain and how it can be molded and crafted, just like a sculptor would create a beautiful piece of art. Balancing neurotransmitters not only has transformative power for our inner being, it can also transform the relationships around us and have far reaching effects in our work, home, and internal environments. The main way neurotransmitters can be balanced is by providing the body with pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals made of a blend of quality amino acids and plant extracts that synergistically facilitate neurotransmitter production. Providing brain stimulation by delivering certain frequencies to the brain in the form of brain wave therapy provides additive benefits and together, these modalities form the art and science of brain and body transformation.
Dasha Mensik, FNP    

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