Pitt/UPMC Department of Anesthesiology News
October 2015

Message from the Chair
One Month Down.....
Welcome to our new departmental newsletter! The idea behind this is to keep everyone up to date with the latest news about all members of the department, both professional and personal. Please send any information, notices, etc. to Christine Heiner for inclusion.
About a week ago, my wife asked me a question. "Well, you've been here for about a month now. Is this job everything that you thought it would be?" My response was "You know, I think it's even better than I was expecting!" She then asked me what made it so much better. The clear answer to me was the people. Over the last month I have had the pleasure of visiting almost every clinical site. At each location, I found a vibrant, yet distinct culture. However, there are several common threads that connect each location. The first is the strong commitment to providing the highest quality care. Also, there is a sense of camaraderie and caring for each other between the individuals at each site. Finally, there is a strong sense of pride and dedication to the department and the institution.
This does not even take into account the remarkable things that the department has been able to accomplish here, from trendsetting changes in practice to unparalleled educational innovations. The number of people doing truly amazing things at each of the sites has blown me away. At times I feel like the most crucial aspect of my job will be PR to ensure that all of these developments are appropriately acknowledged on both the local and national stage. Trust me, this is a good problem for a new Chair to have.
Recently, I was asked to present our Department to the School of Medicine's Advisory Board. I had many slides about our remarkable clinical, educational, and research achievements. My concluding slide was titled "What makes Pitt special?" The answer to this question was taken directly from an email I received from a long-time staff member my first day here: "Our department, despite its challenges, is a wonderful place to work with people who truly care about each other and work hard to make our department more successful each and every day (the italics are mine). Thank you for sharing your vision and your enthusiasm, and please let me know how I can help. I wish you many successes as our new Chair!"
That, in a nutshell, is why I am so happy to be here and proud to be a part of this fine group. Thank you all very much for your kindness and support during this transition period. It is my hope every month will be even better than this one as we strive to achieve even greater things!
The American Society of Anesthesio logists (ASA) Annual Meeting is a major depart ment al event, with an impressive number of medical students, residents,  fell ows, and faculty members presenting every year. This year's meeting will be held from October 24-28, 2015 in San Diego, CA. Department members will deliver 48 presentations. Additionally, 15 faculty members and three residents will serve on ASA and ASA-related committees. Many from our department will also participate in related pre-ASA meetings such as the Society of Pediatric Anesthesia Annual Meeting and the Society for Education in Anesthesia Fall Meeting.

Research by Drs. Yan Xu and Pei Tang on Anesthesia Percolation Model Featured in the News

Congratulations to  Ted Sakai, MD, PhD , who was invited to participate in writing a position paper by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) on "Research in Residency", which will be featured in the journal Academic Medicine. 

He was also  invited for a visiting professorship with the Department of Anesthesiology at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School from November 10 - 11, 2015.  Dr. Sakai will present the lecture "Complications with Veno-Venous Bypass and other Monitors during Liver Transplantation" to the residents there and will also present the grand rounds lecture "Facilitation of Resident Scholarly Activity: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Experience."  
Profiles in Diversity: Timeline of Prominent Achievements in Medicine by African American Men and Women in Pittsburgh
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Congratulations to Department of Anesthesiology authors Ibtesam A. Hilmi, MB, CHB, FRCA; Daniela Damian, MD; and Ted Sakai, MD, PhD, whose recently published article " Acute kidney injury after orthotopic liver transplantation using living donor versus deceased donor grafts: A propensity score-matched analysis " (Liver Transplantation . 2015;21(9):1179-85) was recently featured in the Hepatology News section of the website Healio.com

Congratulations to Bob Lorah and Linda Crippen, who were recently promoted as CRNA Clinical Directors of UPMC Shadyside and UPMC St. Margaret, respectively; as well as Scott Rusiewicz, who was recently promoted to CRNA Assistant Clinical Director at UPMC Shadyside.

Congratulations to Our CRNA VSP Retirees
UPP/UPMC has accepted seven CRNAs into the Voluntary Separation Program (VSP). With over 100+ years of service to UPMC, we congratulate all on a wonderful career and upcoming retirement: Champagne Bossola, Buddy Holmes, Ralph Ruggerio, Randa Shannon, MaryLou Taylor, Paulette Zahorchak, and Anne Zapletal.
On Thursday, September 17, 2015, UPMC Medical Education hosted the first of three American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) Medical Education Research Certificate (MERC) sessions on "Hypothesis-driven Research" and "Data Management & Preparing for the Statistical Consultation." Department faculty members Shawn T. Beaman, MD and Ryan C. Romeo, MD participated in the group discussions and learning activities at the sessions.
Dr. William Simmons to be Honored with Jefferson Award for Volunteerism
Dr. William Simmons Featured in Mayo Clinic Alumni Magazine
C ongratulations to Kathirvel Subramaniam, MD, MPH, who will receive funding from Mylan Specialty to conduct an investigator-initiated clinical trial on remifentanil and the glycemic/stress response to cardiac surgery.

Congratulations to Steven L. Orebaugh, MD, whose fiction book, "A Night in the Life," which is based on his real life experiences working in the ER at South Side Hospital (now UPMC Mercy South Side), was published this fall.

Congratulations to James G. Cain, MD, MBA, FAAP, who was recently inducted into the Port Jervis High School Alumni Hall of Fame.   plaque with Dr. Cain's photograph and biography will be placed on permanent display at the school.
Third Annual UPMC Anesthesia Symposium and Inaugural Meeting of SATA a Success
Congratulations to Brian A. Williams, MD, MBA, who was recently notified he will receive a $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense for his proposal "Four-drug Nerve Block versus Plain Local Anesthetic for Knee and Hip Arthroplasty Analgesia in Veterans."

Jacques E. Chelly, MD, PhD, MBA edited the section on regional anesthesia in the October 2015 issue of Current Opinion in Anesthesiology. A biography on Dr. Chelly was published in a " Section Editors Introduction" article in the issue. Dr. Chelly's section featured seven articles, four of which were written by authors in the University of Pittsburgh/UPMC Department of Anesthesiology.
The topic of the article, "Fast-track Total Hip and Knee Replacement" by Dana C. Mears, MD, PhD (Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, UPMC) is UPMC Shadyside's fast-track total hip and knee center that Dr. Mears established with Dr. Chelly. Their innovative program shortened hospital length of stay and reduced the invasiveness of the surgery to only three small incisions, translating to cost savings and faster patient discharge and recovery.
"Although, my name is listed, everyone at UPMC Shadyside deserves recognition," says Dr. Chelly. "In addition, all of this would never have been possible without the support of a lot of people, including Dr. Mark Hudson, who at the time was the Chief at Shadyside."
The article appears on page 370 of the  September Allegheny County Medical Society (ACMS) Bulletin .

Recent Publications
Chen Q, Kinde MN, Arjunan P, Wells MM, Cohen AE, Xu Y, Tang P. Direct Pore Binding as a Mechanism for Isoflurane Inhibition of the Pentameric Ligand-gated Ion Channel ELIC. Scientific Reports. 2015; 5:13833.
Hilmi IA, Damian D, Al-Khafaji A, Sakai T, Donaldson J, Winger DG, Kellum JA. Acute kidney injury after orthotopic liver transplantation using living donor versus deceased donor grafts: A propensity score-matched analysis. Liver Transplantation. 2015;21(9):1179-85.
Chelly JE. Progress of Perioperative Pain Management, but Still Far from Perfect. Pain Medicine. [Editorial]. 2015.
Visoiu M. Paediatric regional anaesthesia: a current perspective. Current Opinion in Anesthesiology. 2015;28(5):577-82.
Uskova A, O'Connor JE. Liposomal bupivacaine for regional anesthesia. Current Opinion in Anesthesiology. 2015;28(5):593-7.  
Knight JB, Schott NJ, Kentor ML, Williams BA. Neurotoxicity of common peripheral nerve block adjuvants. Current Opinion in Anesthesiology. 2015;28(5):598-604.
Hudson ME. Preparing for budget-based payment methodologies: global payment and episode-based payment. Current Opinion in Anesthesiology. 2015;28(5):610-4.
Zhou DW, Mowrey DD, Tang P, Xu Y. Percolation Model of Sensory Transmission and Loss of Consciousness Under General Anesthesia. Physical Review Letters. 2015;115(10):108103.
Knight JB, K S. Lit Review: Association of a Bundled Intervention with Surgical Site Infections Among Patients Undergoing Cardiac, Hip, or Knee Surgery. SCA Bulletin. 2015 October;14(5).

Buffington CW, Humes AL, Lotrich FE, Rose CE. A Tool for Assuring Continuity of Care During a Series of ECT Treatments. The Journal of ECT. Publish Ahead of Print October 5, 2015. 
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Recent Resident Events
Residents and faculty enjoyed a Saturday by attending the Annual Program Annual Review by day and a game at PNC Park by night. 

Resident white water rafting trip!
The band "Bropofol" - PGY-3 residents
Drs. Andy Hulme (Bass) Josh Knight (Lead Guitar) Dave Nelson (Drums)-
 in action in the South Side
Dr. Metro and our residents out to support Bropofol

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